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125th Committee sets fair activities of days gone by PDF Print E-mail

The Perkins County Fair begins next week. Below is only a portion of the many events scheduled throughout the week of July 23-28. Plan to join in the fun of celebrating the county’s 125th anniversary!


By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
The county will soon be coming together to celebrate a milestone, and lots of people have been working nonstop behind the scenes to make it entertaining and memorable.
The 2012 Perkins County Fair will mark the 125th anniversary of the county—come be a part of it!
Besides the regular events that fair time brings, the 125th committee has put together several activities to bring the past to life.
The fair is scheduled from July 23-28, with 4-H events scattered throughout the beginning of the week.
From Thursday, July 26 through Saturday, July 28, several other activities for all ages are added to provide old-fashioned fair-time fun.
Toward the end of the week, the commercial building on the grounds will be open and will feature a spinner, a builder of wooden buckets, model trains, weaver, hand quilter, historical displays, and 125th memorabilia for sale.
125th Committee Events
In addition to the many fun events offered by the fair board, certain activities on Thursday-Friday-Saturday during the fair are being sponsored by the 125th Committee, to demonstrate the county’s history and provide unique fun for its residents.
• Thursday, July 26:
—4-8 p.m.: The commercial building will be open with a few items (more to follow on Friday/Saturday).    
—6 p.m.: Theatrical play in front of the grandstands, featuring “The Very Un-Merry Adventures of Robin Hood,” lasting approximately 30 minutes. See adjacent story.
•  Friday, July 27:
—1-3 p.m.: 125th anniversary pictorial postmark cancellation in the commercial building. Bring in mail to be cancelled with a special 125th logo stamp!  
—1-4 p.m.: Historical tours of the Perkins County Courthouse at 200 Lincoln Ave. Sign up on first floor.
—4-8 p.m.: Commercial building open for old-fashioned demonstrations, displays.
•  Saturday, July 28:
—10 a.m.: Parade will be followed by antique tractor/machinery show set up at the fairgrounds.
—11 a.m.-5 p.m.: Commercial building open for old-fashioned demonstrations, displays.
—12:30 p.m.: Cowboy poetry by Dave Knight in the grandstands.
—1-3 p.m.: Kids pioneer activities in the commercial building.
—2 p.m.: County-wide band and choir production in the grandstands.
—3 p.m.: Lakota Indian Tribe dancing with Hanson Poor Bear in the grandstands.
—4 p.m.: Horseshoe throwing contest west of the grandstands. (contact Brandon Wood 352-4475).
—5 p.m.: Drawing for raffle items for 125th (quilt and clock)in the grandstands.
Come enjoy these unique and fun activities as part of the 125th celebration during the Perkins County Fair.


“The Very Un-Merry Adventures of Robin Hood”

With a Perkins County cast performing a humorous tale, the theatrical play on Thursday evening, July 26 promises to be a delightful addition to the county fair.
Director Tyler Mahnken and assistant director Sue Scrivner have volunteered to bring “The Very Un-Merry Adventures of Robin Hood” to life on the grandstand stage.
Sherwood Forest is in danger of being destroyed and it’s up to Robin and his band of dim-witted Merry Men to save the day. When the sheriff challenges them to a contest to determine the forest’s rightful owner, their skills are put to the test. Unfortunately, archery is only the first round. Robin and his men will also have to win a talent show and a beauty pageant. Will this be the end of Sherwood? Most likely.
The play’s cast includes John Prante, Ben Polson, Jeremy Smith, Brandon Lehl, Shar Hansen, Sommerlyn Naescher, Tiffane Harger, Terry Krajewski, Carter Krajewski, Madelyn Hansen, Dawnell Glunz, Tyler Mahnken, Dakota Prante, Steve Tucker, Elisa Carlson, Steve Loeffler, Keith Mahnken, Tom Kosmicki, and Chilly.