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Residents strongly urged to start conserving water PDF Print E-mail

Water usage during June far exceeded the target goal.

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Water conservation has become an important topic with municipalities and farmers during this hot, dry spring/summer season.
City of Grant officials are asking that residents do their part in conserving water by cutting back on daily use —faucets, showers, laundry, yards, etc.
One of the city’s wells is running non-stop, said City Superintendent Tyson McGreer. The city is keeping a close eye on another well which is not pumping up to standard.
Citizens are urged to adhere to their assigned watering day schedule or be subject to fines or possible discontinuance of water service.        
A rain of nearly one inch on July 4 and a second rain on July 7, which some said was close to two inches, provided some much needed temporary relief, however, the total for the year remains several inches lower than average.
Water usage for the month of June far exceeded the target goal. Residents consumed 34,420,000 gallons of water—the target goal for last month was 21 million. In a one-year comparison, nearly 14 million more gallons were consumed in June 2012 than during June 2011.  
City officials prefer that residents voluntarily refrain from excessive water use in and around the home, as well as from overwatering their lawns so that restrictions don’t have to be put in place.
If and when it rains, people should turn off their sprinklers in an effort to help.
Lawns may be watered only twice per week. For residents who do not have automatic sprinklers, watering on Sunday is allowed ONLY if one of the regular watering days is missed. According to city ordinance, under no circumstance may lawns be watered more than twice a week.   
The watering map/schedule appears on Page Three.