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Everybody is religious

By Pastor Vince Carrig
New Life Fellowship Church, Grant

Everybody is religious. Each person acts according to how they believe, all the time, every day.
Some people believe that they should do the same kind(s) of things repeatedly, simple or complicated. Some believe they should do it as part of a group, and in a particular place.
Others believe that they do not need to do anything much, and not necessarily with people who believe the same thing.
But make no mistake: everyone follows a religion that flows out of their beliefs, particularly about God.
Yes, their religion flows out of their theology. Well-informed or scarcely given a thought, everyone “does” theology.
Interestingly, we read the label “religious” applied to those who specifically believe in God, as well as the term, “people of faith.”
Truthfully, though, everyone practices their religion to the best of their ability. Everyone has faith in something, even and especially themselves.
We might even observe one calling himself an “atheist” expressing more faith that God does not exist than one who claims that they believe in God. Sometimes an evolutionist who plays tennis on Sunday morning and empties a few cans of brewed beverage afterward can defend what they believe better than someone who sat in a pew that same morning.
Do not allow those who think of themselves as “non-religious” and as having no particular faith to convince you of any such thing. These believe certain things—even about God—very strongly, and these beliefs show up in what they do constantly. They indeed have a religion.
Christians believe that God perfectly wrote the Bible through men, and that it tells us that God the Father sent His Son Jesus to suffer and die because everyone has sinned and cannot reach heaven without the atonement for that sin found in Christ.
Christians tend to gather to worship on the first Sunday of the week, read the Scripture together, pray and sing together.
Non-Christians would not do these types of things. They would do whatever they want. But make no mistake, they are religious people of faith as well. Not all of these, however, like to admit this.
Eventually, as with two old frontier-days gunslingers who boast that each is “the best in the west” in a duel, we will find out that… only one of ‘em’s right.