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Paxton-Elsie paving project approved PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
In an unofficial  569 to 134 ballot count, voters approved the Paxton-Elsie road paving measure.
A five-mile section of the road has remained unpaved for several years and can be paved without any additional tax from county residents—the line item already exists under “bridge and paving” in the county’s budget.
In favor of the paving process, District 1 Commissioner Sid Colson describes the road as being heavily used by trucks hauling grain to elevator facilities south of Paxton, including Peavey and Scoular. Grain from Scoular’s facility ends up in Perkins County either at Grainton, the Madrid ethanol plant or in Venango for the unit train.
The road was paved, except for a five-mile stretch, many years ago by Keith County from Paxton south to the Perkins County line and Perkins County paved the road north from Elsie eight miles.