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Get crafty outdoors with kids this summer PDF Print E-mail

With the arrival of warmer weather, there are many things families can do for a season of fun in the sun with crafty projects to involve everyone in the household.
• Birdhouse: Head to the hardware store and pick up a few supplies. Otherwise, chances are items that can be made into a birdhouse probably can be found from scraps of materials already around the house or in the garage. Scraps of wood, metal, tiles, plastic, and the like can be used to craft a bird house or feeder. Even an empty plastic bottle can be used. Some nesting material, such as pieces of yarn or cotton, can be placed inside the house to entice birds to take up residence once the weather warms.
• Stepping stones: Stepping stones can be a whimsical way to dress up the outdoor garden or yard. A trip to the craft store for some plaster or even a quick-set cement can be the medium to use for the stones. Experiment with shapes that can be used as molds, and gather different materials that can be embedded into the stepping stone, such as pebbles, marbles, beads, etc. Use a pencil or another pointed tool to engrave a message or name on the stepping stones before allowing them to dry and harden.
• Kite: The beginning of the spring season often arrives behind a burst of wind. Make the most of blustery conditions by crafting a kite from a kitchen trash bag, some sticks and string.
• Garden gnomes: Craft stores often sell unfinished pottery that can be painted and sealed. See if garden gnomes or other whimsical creatures can be found. Use acrylic paint to decorate the figurines in your favorite colors.
• Outdoor games: A large piece of plywood or fiberboard can serve as the game board for a number of different activities. Use spray paint to stencil on alternating squares of red and black for a larger than life checkerboard or chess board. For those with more time and creative stamina, use large stones to pain on letters and make an outdoor Scrabble® board for fun times with family and friends.
• Painted flower pots: If the colors and designs at the local garden center don’t fit with a particular design scheme, buy unfinished terra-cotta or plastic pots and paint them with designs and colors that coordinate.