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Funds used toward classroom technology PDF Print E-mail

Perkins County Middle School teachers Marcia Graney and Shayne Hite applied for the John Russell Applegate Fund for Teachers and received funds for purchasing 10 new Echo Livescribe pens.
These pens are used for various things. They can be used to record notes on special notebook paper. The pen records sound while the student or teacher takes notes. There is a special type of notebook paper that goes with the pens to do this.
After recording notes and lecture the student can then go back and touch the pen on the notes and it plays back what was said about those notes. A teacher can take notes if they are going to be absent and then make a pencast and mail it to their students or post it on their website for the students to use.
The school also received funds from the Perkins County Schools Foundation to purchase applications for these pens. With the Spanish-English/English-Spanish translator application words can be written and then translated for students or teachers.
There are numerous uses for the Livescribe pens, especially with all the applications that can be purchased for them. They could even be used by substitute teachers to listen and see the instructions made by the teacher who is absent. They can be used for music by simply drawing a piano keyboard and touching the keys with the pen to play notes.
Several of the teachers at the middle school have one to use and there are five mobile pens for the students to check out and use. So far, the school is just scratching the surface with these pens and what they can do. As time passes students and teachers will find more beneficial ways to use these.