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An invitation for salvation

By Father Mark Pfeiffer
Mother of Sorrows/St. Mary’s Catholic Church

I have been highly favored to attend a Nebraska football game at Memorial stadium. The electricity in the air seems to pull us in, being captivated by the spirit of the game. We are captured by the spirit of everyone attending seeming to swell, becoming as one in the intensive crescendo of excitement. All in all, we are aware this is a glorious moment–a moment designed for entertainment. It is a passing moment, thrilling though it may be.
We do have an even more magnetic appeal beckoning us forward to see the sign of salvation, the cross of Jesus Christ.
We are being pulled forward to receive this sign of our Savior, inviting us to be “set free from sin.” Even though the moment of salvation was nearly 2,000 years ago, it is affecting us all the way into the spirit of our humanity, the life of our soul.
We are being directed to the hill of Calvary, skull hill, outside the city of Jerusalem. We are being drawn towards the humiliated figure of an innocent victim Christ the Lord, going to the wood for us.
Jesus made the prediction for us, “I shall be lifted up from the earth, drawing all men to myself” John 12:32-33. I know we all make attempts to ignore the cross, or deny its affective power and significance.
Yet, at times we cover our faces in amazement, overcome with the factual reality this sign of Jesus’ sacrifice contains. We catch ourselves saying, “Why, Lord, did you have to go this far? Why did you have to pay such an enormous price?
Then we come to grips with the reality, “This is a sign of our Savior’s complete love demonstrated for you and me.” Even today, we are being cleansed through the blood of Christ, being washed pure of our sins.
All of us standing at the foot of the cross  experience personally, sense the magnitude. We see this as a sign of our sins–yours, mine and all the world.
We cannot look into Christ’s face upon the cross, because it is too enormous for us to comprehend. The pull of it all is bringing us one and all to grasp the enormity of the cross seeing it is exactly “for me.”
Jesus intended to die upon the cross “for me.” Presenting our heart and soul over to Christ, we are captivated, Jesus continues to set us free from sins, restore us to grace, making us members of His beloved, His very own, His redeemed.
Continually we are being pulled by this magnetic appeal, as it is the invitation to salvation changing the life of our soul, helping us devote our life to Christ daily.