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Vote to bring some money out west

Well, we get to go to the polls here is another opinion on how voters in Perkins County can do something to improve things when given the opportunity.
When we get a chance to make a difference, especially when there is safety involved, I say GO FOR IT.
A ballot measure coming up Tuesday is asking whether or not a section of road should be paved between Elsie and Paxton. There is a five-mile section that has remained unpaved for years and years.
I know, I don’t live out there, you don’t care, you don’t drive on it, you don’t want money spent on it, blah, blah, blah.’s my take on it:  
The state of Nebraska is going to supply enough money for 25 percent of the cost per year over the payoff period—and why shouldn’t we in this end of the state benefit from some of those road funds for a change?!
Besides that—the money is already set aside in the county’s budget to pay for the rest of the paving, which means it won’t come out of our pockets. So why not vote for it?
A major reason to pave this remaining section of road is because the Elsie-Paxton road brings a lot of grain into Perkins County.
Two large grain storage facilities are located on this road south of Paxton—Scoular and Peavey.
Grain ends up in Perkins County either at Grainton, Madrid or Venango. This creates business for our county, and those big trucks could use a good road that is safe and easily traveled to get their product to our county’s facilities.
This road is traveled every day—think about the maintenance on the five-mile portion of the road that is still gravel.
It only makes sense that this missing stretch between the two towns be paved. Sure, there is maintenance on paved roads, but since 1980 (when eight miles of the road was paved heading north from Elsie) there has never been a requirement for it to be overlaid.
If the remaining five miles were paved, the maintenance cost would certainly even out over the years.
As I said, our taxes will not increase for this project. The money is there—the project just needs our approval.
Do what’s best for our county and our county’s businesses, and for safety and common sense—vote “yes” on the Paxton/Elsie road initiative.
By the way, did I mention how important it is to exercise your right as an American citizen and simply get out and vote?! The polls will be open until 7 p.m. on May 15.
Jan Rahn