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Please submit history for county’s book

Dear Residents of Perkins County:
In 1962, two books were published to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Perkins County; a history book titled, “Perkins County, Jewel of the West, Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Album 1887-1962” and the Tribune Sentinel published a book titled, “Jewel of the West Edition, The Tribune – Sentinel” which was a compilation of articles published and stories of life in Perkins County.
To commemorate this year’s celebration of the 125th anniversary of Perkins County, the Anniversary Committee is publishing a new book. We recognize that in the 50 years since the publication of the history, a generation is passing away along with their histories.
As a result of this desire to capture our valuable history to preserve for future generations, we are publishing a new book. In this new book we are combining both the history book and the Tribune Sentinel’s book as well as updating the histories of our communities, churches and civic organizations.
Recently, we have had several requests to include family histories in the book. Initially, the response has been “no” due to the potential of being overwhelmed by family stories and thus not being able to publish the book in a timely manner. In addition, by expanding the scope of the book, the cost to publish would also increase, thus increasing the purchase price.
But after further reflection, it is the stories of people that make history, not just statistical information. As a result, we are inviting people to submit their stories of life in Perkins County, both in the historical aspect as well as current life. We are especially interested in stories by families that pioneered in Perkins County and families that have farmed over a long time span and would like to share comparisons of farming then and now as well as stories of events where the community as a whole came together to accomplish something.
In addition, if you attended a church that is no longer in existence, please contact us to update the history of that church.
Submission requirements:
It is our desire to have this book completed and published in time for the alumni banquet in June. Because of that fixed time table, we must set a deadline for all submissions of May 21st. This includes the histories of communities, churches, civic organizations and family histories.
Any submission received after that date WILL NOT be included in the book. Submissions MUST be either in typed format or in a Word document that can be emailed as an attachment. Handwritten submissions will not be accepted.
If photographs are to be included, they must be in a usable format. Photocopies of pictures are not acceptable. Original photographs scanned onto a computer in either pdf or jpg formats are required. New photographs taken with a digital camera can be loaded onto a computer and emailed as an attachment.
We realize that these requirements may seem picky, but this is a huge project and both history books must be completely re-typed and combined and by submitting your articles and photos in these formats, the workload will be greatly reduced.
If you would like to submit your stories and photographs, please email them to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you are mailing your submission, please mail it to: Linda Heitman, PO Box 52, Elsie, NE 69134. If you have questions, please call at 308-228-2632.
If you would like to reserve your copy of the new history book, please contact any of the following committee members: Linda Heitman, Ronda Lawyer, Jessie Faber, Janet Lagler, Chris Loeffler, Becky Dahlkoetter or Brenda Styskal. We will not know the final price until the book is completely compiled because the price is set according to the number of pages in it. It is our goal to keep the price below $20 if at all possible.
Thank you for your help in preserving the history of Perkins County!
Linda Heitman