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What is the sign for Christ?

By Father Mark Pfeiffer
Mother of Sorrows/St. Mary’s Catholic Church

I found it incredibly interesting the other day when someone explained the sign-language depiction for Christ. The signer takes one finger placing it into the palm of the other hand, and then repeats this sign into the other hand.
What is the sign saying? It is taking us to the Easter appearance of Jesus in the upper room among the Apostles. Even though the door was barred, here He is right before their eyes!
These grown men who have true life experiences making them hard to surprise, are fully surprised, awe-struck beyond measure. They think they are seeing a ghost.
Jesus beckons the Apostles forward, telling them, “Touch My hands, so seeing you may believe.” They cry out, “My Lord and my God!”
You know we have a tendency as fallen individuals to compartmentalize our lives. We come to church on Sunday, fully entering into the spirit of worship. We offer our pray and praise up to the Lord. Then the rest of the week we may practically forget about God altogether.
Well, how can we bring Jesus into the practical applications of our lives? How can we make Jesus realistic?
Well, the answer comes, Jesus needs to become the Lord of our lives. Jesus need to become “My Lord,” Jesus needs to become “My Savior.” Jesus needs to become present into the heart of my existence.
In all actuality, Jesus the Redeemer reigns supreme in the life of our soul. His saving death and resurrection are living inside of us gracing us continuously, making us His new creation.
Realizing Jesus is “My Lord, My Savior,” the One who reigns. We see we are an Easter people. We are a victorious people. We are a people set free through the blood of Christ, making us His very own.