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How time flies....I’m still getting used to writing 2012 and here it is almost time for the May Primary.
So without delay, I’m going to get on my soapbox right this minute and preach about an upcoming ballot issue.
I hate taxes as much as you do. My stomach churned writing the checks to pay Uncle Sam and the State of Nebraska a big chunk beyond what was already whisked away from our annual income.
HOWEVER­—there are things I would absolutely hate going without. Here a couple of examples:
I love our school. There is not a finer district in the nation as far as I’m concerned. We turn out the best of the best only because our administration, faculty, and staff are the best of the best.
I love the fact that we are surrounded by paved highways in every direction. It’s easy to get in the car and zip somewhere without even thinking about the pleasure of a smooth ride because of our highway taxes.
Before going further, I’m going to get to the point.
Tax—whether we like it or not—makes life better and easier. Maybe I won’t benefit from something our federal or state government chooses to do—but there’s a chance my grandchildren will. And I certainly will benefit from taxes on a local level.
Living where we do and experiencing “The Good Life” on our end of the state can be further enhanced if we pay close attention and go in the right direction when the ballot on a city sales tax is set before us.
Voting “Yes” on a Grant City Sales Tax can present all sorts of possibilities. We can get HUGE benefits from a little one percent city sales tax. Vote for it!
Look at the potential—Grant could build a new pool! We could fix our streets and storm sewer! We could beef up parks and recreational facilities!
There is no reason why every town around us should be benefiting while we sit here without a city sales tax. Think about it—every time you lay a dollar on a counter in another town, that town benefits from your money and is able to make improvements for themselves.
Let’s do it here! Let’s start bringing in some extra thousands to repair, restore, elevate and promote OUR community. We can develop and grow instead of sitting idle and watching other communities make progressive changes.
There are some real “negative Nellies” out there—don’t listen to them. Your dollar is going to be taxed no matter where you spend it, so spend it here and watch what it can do for your town.
I’m not a golfer—but I love our golf course! I don’t swim—but my kids and grand kids love our pool! I don’t play ball anymore, but my kids and grand kids do! I love our historic park!
THESE are the things that bring families to small towns. Think about your neighborhood and the young families who live on your block. They are here because our community has the assets mentioned above. Boring, non-active communities with no recreational facilities DO NOT lure young families.
Let’s not just sit back and accept the status quo—let’s make our community one that stands out and stands up to the challenge of being enterprising and invigorating.        
Take into consideration that lots of other people from other parts of the county, state and nation drive vehicles through Grant from every direction on those nicely paved roads from highway taxes! They are most likely going to stop and put some of their money into the pocket of our town—so if that one percent city sales tax is in effect we can continue to improve and increase on the assets we are so blessed to have here!
Jan Rahn