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Patients at PCHS will benefit from generous FOCUS program PDF Print E-mail


By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Thanks to technologic advances and the generous donation of a local farmer/seed dealer, those benefitting will be patients who enter the Perkins County Health Services system.
On behalf of the Perkins County Health Services Foundation, its administrator Jody Snogren accepted a $3,000 check for a new Community Outreach Program for Health Education and Maintenance.
Trent Patrick, who farms south of Grant, recently received a grant through the FOCUS (Fontanelle Offering Communities Understanding Support) program that gives back to the communities that have supported Fontanelle Hybrids and their dealers over the years.
The grant Patrick applied for was through Fontanelle Hybrids Stalkholder Dealers which was awarded to the hospital foundation last week by Patrick and Fontanelle District Sales Manager Wayne Bahler of Lamar.
According to Accredited Registered Nurse Pratitioner (ARNP) Angie Patrick, who is Trent’s wife, and who helped spearhead the health program, its purpose is to work together with the community and health care providers to improve treatment, promote early diagnosis, and prevent the onset of disease.
This is the second year that grants have been awarded through the program to support those who have supported Fontanelle and its dealers over the years.
The grant recently awarded to Patrick, which he passed along to the hospital foundation, was one of 91 given this year across the Midwest area out of 180 applications with eligibility of up to $5,000.
According to Steve Pike, Fontanelle general manager, 53 organizations received grants for projects last year.
Pike said it was hard to choose which grants to award because of the many communities and individuals who are so deserving.
“Getting to hear the success stories and how much it meant to the communities and the individuals involved has been very gratifying, to say the least,” said Pike. It was a good feeling to be able to increase the program so that our Stalkholder Dealers could give 91 grants this year.”
“I wish we could have funded every request, but we will continue to grow this program and eventually hope to contribute one million dollars into local communities in our footprint,” he added.
Based in Fremont, Fontanelle Hybrids is a Monsanto regional seed brand providing corn, soybeans, sorghum and alfalfa to Nebraska and surrounding states.
How Local Health Care Will Benefit
Perkins County health providers serve a large rural population in southwest Nebraska in a progressive health facility that strives to keep up with standards of care.
Perkins County Health Services has state-of-the-art equipment with staff to support health maintenance and acute and chronic care needs.
“As providers, we need to emphasize health education and provide tools to help patients achieve an optimal healthy lifestyle,” said Angie Patrick, ARNP. “This will be done by forming a Community Outreach Program for Health Education and Maintenance. Funds are needed for the startup of this project.”
In describing the goals and objectives, Patrick said the main goal of this project is to provide educational tools to support evidenced-based care and follow preventative care guidelines.
In addition to educating patients, this project will also provide medical staff with up-to-date standards of care to help support health maintenance of their clients, she said.
Strategies: The source for these materials and education will be a public health library, located in the local hospital, which will be accessible to the general public and medical staff.
A number of patient education brochures and computer software are available to purchase. A committee of health care providers will be formed to evaluate public education needs to determine the appropriate materials for the library. The committee will ensure the educational materials meet standards of medical care.
Evaluation: To determine the effectiveness of this project, community and medical staff will be asked to fill out a survey after they have utilized the public health library. This survey will help determine what is working and what needs to be changed to make it more beneficial, said Patrick.
Sustainability: This grant will set the foundation for the public health library. Future funds to sustain this project will need to come from private donations, the local health services foundation, and the local hospital.
Budget: Computer and printer-$1,000, office supplies-$500, brochures-$1,000,software- $2,000, advertising-$500.