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Inside jokes are just that

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

I learned a long time ago that inside jokes told at athletic banquets etc., are usually not well received by anyone but the few people involved so I quit doing that. But it also carries over to writing a column because I have had a number of people want to know what I had done to raise the ire of whoever wanted my car moved during the E. Lee Todd Invite a couple of weeks ago.
I must have too much time on my hands. This is for not this coming week but the following week. Wow! Am I efficient or what? Probably What!
That Thursday, I wanted to run up to the meet and see some of my friends who are still coaching and watch a little bit of the track meet before going back to the office.
My first stop was at the shot put/discus area because I knew one of my oldest and closest friends Fred Bessler was going to be there. I quickly parked behind a car in the parking lot and walked over to the shot put ring and Fred was there.
Well, the thing that I never remember is that there is no “short time” talking with Fred. Once you get to remembering the days we coached together in Cozad and Imperial, the time gets by, and then as we say we get to telling lies, etc., and it really gets by in a hurry.
Then the PA announcement came, and when I heard “whoever owns the red, Buick, Enclave with the 74 license plate,” I knew that was mine and then came something about, move it, towing, blow it up, sell it for scrap, auction it or whatever it was. I was already almost to the car because I knew it was mine and most of the Grant people around also knew because later on I had a number of people ask me if I had parked illegally somewhere.
The dramatic announcement, of course, came from the school district’s outstanding speech instructor, the lovely Ms. Tate, who I am assuming also knew who the car belonged to when she issued the announcement.
My attempt at humor in the column only caused more people to wonder just what I had done and why. Just a reminder again to me that if “puns” are the lowest form of humor, “inside jokes” must be the next-to-last, because most people had no idea what I was talking about.
Weather in the spring always seems to play havoc with some athletic event. One day you can have the best weather you could ever imagine for a contest and the next day it is just the opposite.
The Husker football team got a little bit of that action with the weather in Lincoln as they had to cancel the annual Red-White scrimmage because of rain, lightning and the possibility of a tornado or two being in the Lincoln area.
This is the first time no Red-White scrimmage game has been played since 1950. Coach Pelini had available one more practice if they wanted it, but even that was eliminated.
With all the weather that went on, it appears to have been a very good decision. I know that we got some pictures from our son Travis who lives in south Lincoln and there was plenty of water running by his house.
Another small controversy came up over the past few weeks as some of the people who have made up the Olympic basketball squad stated they thought they should be paid to play in the games. Some of them, D-Wade in particular thought they should be paid, but backed off the statement pretty quickly. Ray Allen was one of the first, but someone should tell Ray he isn’t going to be playing anyway so don’t worry too much about it.
In listening to some of the Olympic organizers, the players have short memories. They get a per diem while on the team, somewhere in the area of $120. They get their housing taken care of and their travel expenses, plus if they win the gold, they get $25,000, $15,000 for the silver and something else if they win the bronze medal. Wade finally said that it was an honor to play for his country etc.
I am old enough to remember when that was the pay.