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Legislative session extended PDF Print E-mail

By Christine Scalora
Nebraska News Service
In what was originally supposed to be the last week of the legislative session, senators passed bills relating to prenatal health care and relating to the number of frivolous lawsuits criminals can file. Now, the last day of the legislature will be April 18, giving them a chance to overturn any vetoes.
LB599: This bill, introduced by Sen. Kathy Campbell of Lincoln, would provide prenatal medical assistance for women not covered under Medicaid. The bill would affect 1,162 unborn children annually, including those with undocumented mothers or mothers in prison. Gov. Heineman opposed the bill because it would provide benefits for illegal immigrants. The legislature passed the bill on a vote of 31-15 on Wednesday.
LB928: Introduced by Sen. Leroy Louden of Ellsworth, this bill authorizes the Game and Parks Commission to issue mountain lion hunting permits by random drawing and allows hunters to harvest and donate deer to food assistance programs. It passed by a vote of 49-0.
LB793: This bill would prevent prisoners from filing civil lawsuits if they have previously filed three lawsuits that have been deemed frivolous by a court. Sen. Scott Lautenbaugh of Omaha introduced the bill, which was passed.
LB806: This bill, which was vetoed Monday by Gov. Heineman, would allow the State Racing Commission to regulate pari-mutuel wagering on historic horse races. Explaining his veto, Heineman wrote that the bill would create a new form of gambling and may not be permissible under Nebraska’s Constitution.