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Council passes employee compensation ordinance PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Grant City Council tabled a couple of items and took action on an ordinance for employee compensation as part of the agenda during their regular meeting on Tuesday, April 3.
Under unfinished business, an ordinance was passed for the compensation of all officers and employees of the City of Grant for the upcoming budget year of Oct. 1, 2011 through Sept. 30, 2012.
The following compensation is in effect:
Mayor—$2,500 per year, city council members—$1,500 per year, city superintendent —$55,183 per year, city clerk/treasurer—$15.74 per hour, public works foreman—$21.45 per hour, enforcement officer—$1.19 per hour, public works assistant—$18.34 per hour, public works assistant—$10-$16.50 per hour, parks/rec director—$11.43 per hour, custodian—$8-$12 per hour, library director—$11.67 per hour, assistant librarian—$7.70 per hour, park and rec assistant—$9 per hour, pool operator, Red Cross WSI instructor—$7.50-$11 per hour, lifeguard/park employees—$7.25-$9 per hour, cemetery—$500-$906.59 per month, cemetery assistant—$7.25-$10 per hour.  
A second reading was held on an ordinance amending the Airport Advisory Committee code.
Tabled under new business agenda items were action on a franchise agreement with Great Plains, and authorizing the mayor to sign documents for land purchase on 10th Street for electric line upgrade.
Figures for water usage and lotto were released for the month of March.
Water usage during March decreased by 531,100 gallons compared to February. Total gallons consumed during March were 5,055,200 gallons.
However, compared to one year ago during the same month, there was an increase of 652,800 gallons used in March 2012.
Lotto sales at DJ’s Bar and Grill totaled $6,681.40 during March with a payout of $5,479.40 leaving a net of $1,202. There was $1.50 left unclaimed.