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Trouble comes from the tongue

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

There are always some things that seem so out of place that they border on–for the lack of a better word–stupid. They happen a lot at a local level, state level, and national level or anywhere people get to make decisions. People have the ability to make bad decisions. It is much like parking behind a doctor’s car at a track meet or it could be even worse.
This week there were some that just begged for the answer to, “What was he thinking?”
The Miami Marlins had a public relations nightmare on their doorstep as their manager Ozzie Guillen (as only Ozzie Guillen can do) made a very insensitive comment about his love of Cuba Dictator Fidel Castro that upset a major portion of the population that supports the Marlins baseball team. The Marlins baseball park is built in Little Havana and many of that state’s Cuban population suffered greatly at the hands of Castro. They lost relatives by the death squads of Castro or jail sentences that didn’t have a trial and many other atrocities committed by the Castro army.
Guillen is prone to speaking sometimes with a foot in his mouth, but this outburst has cost him a five game suspension by the owners of the Marlins. Guillen has said in a 45 minute press conference this week that the statement was taken “out of contest.”
He also stated that it was misinterpreted because of his difficulty in using the English language and having it interpreted to Spanish. His interpretation of things was that he had wondered how Castro had done so many bad things and was still alive. I am not good at Spanish but I don’t know how “I love Castro” can be mixed up with whatever Ozzie had to say in Spanish.
I do know that when you are trying to gain the support of a group and those kinds of statements are made to people who have suffered greatly, it might take a while for the group to ever trust the Marlins for any reason.
I did listen to the press conference and felt that Guillen was truly contrite in his apology for his actions. Whether it will ever be accepted is another story.
Bobby Petrino fired at Arkansas
The other “he did what” moment happened in Arkansas. This one cost Head Football Coach Bobby Petrino his job at Arkansas.
Petrino by most accounts is a pretty good football coach. He is 34-17 in his four years there and went 11-2 this year and ended up fifth in the final national ratings. But ego sometimes gets in the way of good judgment.
Old Bobby hired a 25-year former volleyball player to be a part of the football program and then decided to take her for a ride on his motorcycle.  After having an accident that left him with broken ribs and bruises he really started having problems. He must have thought he could get away with a lot. He did admit that the young lady was someone with whom he has had an inappropriate relationship.
That in itself probably would not have got him fired and the cheating didn’t. His lying repeatedly to his athletic director and the gall and disrespect it took to do so did get him fired.
Someone stated that Petrino didn’t study his history closely enough. It is always the cover-up that gets you, not the infidelity or the initial crime. The person’s ego that keeps telling him that, “I’m above the consequences”–that is what gets you into trouble.
Petrino had some baggage when hired by Arkansas. He was at Louisville and interviewed for a job that wasn’t open yet and then said that he didn’t. He was the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons who quit in mid-season by just leaving a note and heading to Fayetteville for the Razorbacks.
Petrino wasn’t fired because of his infidelity. He was fired because he had an inappropriate understanding of how important he thought he was and the reality of how important he was to things that really matter.