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Civic organizations contribute greatly PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
Perkins County’s population declined 290 people from the 2000 census base to 2,910 in 2010. The impact of that loss affects the county and towns negatively. To add to the loss is the fact that the general population is getting older.
These changes are affecting our civic and religious organizations with decreasing numbers and aging membership. The Grant and Venango Lions Club are no exception. Because of these changes the Grant Lions Club is initiating a planning and goal setting meeting scheduled for Feb. 22 at 4 p.m. at Hastings Memorial Library.
The public is invited, including the other civic organizations in the community. The objective is to help determine what some of the community needs are. By asking, we may find out there are projects that should be undertaken that are not currently being addressed, such as:
• Are the food pantries receiving adequate support?
• Does the Perkins County Senior Center need additional volunteers?
• Does Westview Retirement Community need some assistance?
• Does the Perkins County Museum need assistance?
• And many more needs that should be addressed to make our county special.
• The Grant Lions Club has already been very active and successful in a number of areas such as:
• Fundraising efforts for individual assistance, especially for those that have medical issues.
• Lions Club fair stand along with support from the Venango Lions Club.
• Highway cleanup
• Support the mobile screening unit for the schools and businesses to test for sight and hearing.
• Helping to load and unload equipment for the Red Cross Bloodmobile.
• Sale of peaches and candy as fundraisers.
• Care and maintenance of the shelters at the park.
By reaching out to other civic organizations and asking them to attend, we can partner on the large projects or identify new needs that are not currently met.
We believe that most people want to be involved in community improvement, especially the younger citizens, as it is an opportunity to learn leadership skills that can be used to improve their professional career performance.               
Some of you may say, “I would like to help on projects but because of time constraints do not have time to attend meetings.” We gladly accept families that want to participate in projects without going to meetings and encourage both souses to participate.                           
Ted Tietjen,
Grant Lions Club membership chairman; Mike Long and Lissa Brown,
committee members