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Gypsies take control of Pitt Nation’s house

By M. Lee

Tribune Staff

One Year Ago
January 6, 2010
Town hall meetings gather input from residents around Perkins County. Results of a country-wide survey were released mid-December along with results from town hall meetings held in Grant, Madrid, Venango. In March 2010, the Perkins County Planning Commission, in cooperation with the Southwest Nebraska Community Betterment Corporation, held community meetings to gather public input for updating a comprehensive plan. Information from a survey has been complied on what on what residents desire from their community, what would benefit a community, the challenges they face, along with what each town’s residents view as assets and opportunities.
Ten Years Ago
January 3, 2002
The runway lights are back on at Grant Municipal Airport, and the facility is open, after being closed since Sept. 2001. Completion of renovation and expansion of the 1970s runway cost around $2,089,356 with the majority of the money–$1,839,356–coming from the federal government.
Terrorism is Nebraska’s top news. When terrorists attacked the United States, President Bush sought the safety of Offutt Air Force Base to convene an emergency meeting on national security. Air Force One’s arrival at the vase south of Omaha brought home the national crisis to Nebraska. People in this state responded by donating more than $5 million  and thousands of pints of blood to help those affected by the attacks in New York and Washington.
Twenty-five Years Ago
January 7, 1987
Senator returns to Lincoln. Sen. Rex Haberman of Imperial starts the 1987 session of the Unicameral today as the ninth in seniority among the 29 legislators. And although the session, which will be 90 days this year. Working on bills he plans to introduce and developing coalitions with other senators to work out committee chairmanships have kept him on the phone for hours in the  office at his home. With the exception of being in Lincoln for so long. Haberman said he actually prefers the 90-day session rather than the every-other-ear 60 day session.
Fifty Years Ago
January 4, 1962
New machine installed at the Grant Steak House. The Grant Steak House has just installed a new Hol’n one donut machine and to acquaint the public with the products of the new machine will serve free coffee and donuts Saturday. Donuts to take out will be available Saturday at a very special price. Donuts will be available at all times for purchase at the Grant Steak House. If large quantities are desired the management would appreciate the order the day previous to delivery.
Seventy-Five Years Ago
January 7, 1937
A party of gypsies came into Wallace Tuesday in a high powered car. It seems they were not as hard to control as usual until they took possession of Pitt Nation’s house. They tried to search his clothes for money. He says he was rude in putting them out but he had to use some harsh language in order to make them understand that they should go.
An overheated stove which had been lighted to warm a lodge hall for a Christmas celebration at Funk last Christmas eve was responsible for a fire which destroyed the business section of that village. The post office, bank, general store and barber shop burned. Estimated loss was less then $20,000. All mail and bank papers were saved. It is believed that currency and valuable  papers in the bank vault passed safely through the fire. Funk with a population of 117 is planning on rebuilding.