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The best game this year

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

I watched the K-State and West Virginia game last week and even though I am not a big fan of the University of Silo Tech, they do have a pretty good basketball team and so does WV.  
The game featured a couple of pretty demonstrative coaches and that is probably an understatement. Coach Huggins from WV gave Coach Martin from KSU his start in coaching at the University level.  So it was a teacher versus student game from that standpoint.  The game was probably the best game I have watched this year with West Virginia winning in double overtime.
Frank Martin coaches with that “Hair on Fire” look most of the time and his eyes will burn holes in players if they don’t turn away within 30 seconds.  But even if you never watched the coaches at all the game was a really well played one and you probably won’t see a better game anytime soon.
KU Hires Charlie Weis
for Football
Just down the road a little bit at the Flaw on the Caw University, I do give equal time for KU haters also; their new AD announced the hiring of former Notre Dame Coach Charlie Weis as the Jayhawks 37th head football coach.
Weis had great success at New England with the Patriots as an OC. His stint as ND coach was not a great success, as it was reported that he didn’t try to use the ND tradition, former ND players, or anything else that would help you recruit to a famous football school. After a way under expectations at ND he was fired and then took a position in the pros with Kansas City and then shortly turned up as the offensive coordinator for the University of Miami.  There he coordinated the nation’s #102 offense this season, not really a masterful job and KU under Turner Gill was ranked 106th.  
If you can’t recruit at ND, how much success will you have KU.  KU, by the way, is a fairly strong BASKETBALL school in case Charlie doesn’t know that.  They can recruit in roundball but it will remain a mystery for awhile if Weis can get anything started but a “walk on” program.
As I was reading some information about this hire I came across this comparison. Two coaches, both graduated from Midwestern schools–one from Illinois, one from ND.  One was an OL and OC and Head Coach in the NFL, one was an offensive assistant, and OC for nine years but never a head coach. Both got head jobs at pretty good football schools, neither could maintain good records after their recruits started playing. One of the coaches was Bill Callahan and of course the other Charlie Weis.
Sports Illustrated named Callahan as the worst coaching hire of the decade in college football. At lease Weis doesn’t have big shoes to fill in that area.
KU wants to win just like all schools, even Nebraska, but can Weis handle it.  If you read the blogs coming out of Kansas, there is more than just a little doubt. If you think about it, you have a coach that hasn’t been real successful with any team that didn’t have Tom Brady at quarterback.  
He has no recruiting presence in Texas, and he is going to have to lure them to a school with a very spotted football history of success.  Even Bobby Bowden, when he heard of the hire, told a reported for the Palm Beach Post, “You got to be kidding me.  He’s going to be the HEAD coach?”
Maybe Weis has learned from the past. Maybe he has toned down the arrogance that turned off so many at ND. Maybe he is willing to do the required recruiting and public appearances of college coaching.  And if he isn’t, then the hire will turn out to be a setting back of the program just a few more years.  
Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk will only be heard inside Phog Allen fieldhouse.