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Home care: because there is no place like home

By Shaun Meyer
Director of Home Health Services

“There’s no place like home.” Movie goers worldwide know this famous phrase from “The Wizard of Oz.” Despite the wonders of Oz, Dorothy clicks the heels of her ruby shoes and repeats these words again and again, the spell that will send her back to Aunt Em. She longs to go back to Nebraska…oh no, I guess it was really Kansas…HA... because there is no place like home.
Millions of people feel that way, especially if they’re aged, disabled, or ill. Many of them are in hospitals and nursing homes where they, too, long for the homes they knew. But they don’t need ruby slippers to send them back. They just need a helping hand, and that’s where home care comes in.
Whether it’s for two days a week or 24/7, home care keeps clients safe and healthy in their homes. It preserves their dignity, protects their independence, and provides them with peace of mind.
The benefits of home care will matter even more as the baby boomers age. Moving into a nursing home is one of their greatest fears, and there’s a good chance they won’t accept this fate.
The boomers marched for civil rights. They rallied against the Vietnam War. They protested the draft, and they’re still breaking the rules! Most of them want to remain part of community life as they age, and they can do it with the right care at the right place–that place is home.
It’s becoming easier every day because technology has made the home a different place.
The advent of telehealth has brought providers into patients’ homes. There are smart slippers that prevent falls, video camera pills, smart homes that promote aging in place, and other marvels that make technology the great equalizer of health.
Technology lets patients get the same care at home whether they live in Manhattan or rural Nebraska. It also helps them take charge of their heath, and they can start when they choose a provider to suit their needs.
In the future, most patients and families will surf the web to find the right care in the right place. They don’t need to click their heels to make their wishes come true. It just takes a few clicks of a mouse to find caregivers who know there is no place like home.
There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home!