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Temperatures are dropping and the holidays are around the corner.
We are now entering what is often referred to as “The Heart Attack Season.”
“In addition to the cold weather restricting our blood circulation, most of us do things during the holidays that are very hazardous to our health,” said Dr. Debra Braverman, a specialist at The Albert Einstein Medical Center.
Dr. Braverman said that heavy meals, excess alcohol, lack of exercise and stress all can contribute to problems with heart health.    
Dr. Braverman provides recommendations to protect heart health during this winter’s heart attack season.  
Beware of fatty foods and large portions–Stay away from foods high in sugar, fat, cholesterol and salt, and make sure the holiday dinner table consists of lots of veggies, fruits, lean protein and whole grains.
Exercise–Try 30 minutes of light exercise per day to help strengthen the heart by delivering more oxygen to the body. Exercise also lowers blood pressure and helps decrease cholesterol levels.   
Stop smoking–Replace smoking routine with a 30-minute exercise session. Exercise is also a great way to combat stress, which can often trigger nicotine cravings.
Avoid those obvious holiday heart attack triggers–Excess physical exertion (i.e. shoveling snow), overeating, lack of sleep, emotional stress, cold temperatures, illegal drugs and alcohol.