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High school cast to perform for public PDF Print E-mail

Students will get their jitters out in front of an audience this Sunday night prior to play production competition beginning next week.

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
The cast and crew of Brownstone 213, this year’s one-act play production, appear ready and eager for the season’s competition.
A public performance of the play will be held at Perkins County High School this Sunday, Nov. 20, at 7 p.m. in preparation for SPVA competition on the following afternoon in North Platte.
On Sunday evening dessert will be served for a free-will offering following the performance.
Since play production is an NSAA (Nebraska Schools Activity Association) event, admission will be charged at the door, as for sporting events.
SPVA play production Monday, Nov. 21 is set for 1:30 MST at North Platte’s Mid-Plains Community College.
District competition on Wednesday, Nov. 30, is scheduled at 3:15 MST at North Platte High School. State play production is set for Friday, Dec. 9 in Kearney.
Under the direction of Dawnell Glunz, the 20-member cast includes (in order of appearance): Christian Miyamoto, Trevor Lee, Tanya Metcalf, Mariah Curtis, Lila Konecky, Zak Kurkowski, Courtney McClenahan, Brianna Stevens, Hannah Beck, Lacey Jensen, Allison Kiolbasa, Quinton Hite, Rachel Patrick, Alyssa Young, Ashley Kemling, Shania Metcalf, Michael Dreiling, Brady Mailand, Elliot Carlson and Tyrone Summers. The play’s understudies are Lacey Jensen and Taylor Boldt. Stage crew members are Rebecca Cornelius and Vinny Ross.
Play Abstract
Francis, Trevor Lee, stands at the edge of Brownstone 213’s rooftop late at night, heart pounding and deliberate, contemplating suicide.
Keb Krat, Christian Miyamoto, who died jumping from that very building 60 years ago, introduces Francis to his fate if he takes this determined leap.
Keb has until dawn to change the mind of this young man so eager to take his own life by introducing Francis to other souls who have perished in the Brownstone and are now trapped on the roof.
Francis meets Laree, Tanya Metcalf, who died of lung cancer; three young girlfriends that died from a fire, played by Ashley Kemling, Alyssa Young and Rachel Patrick.  He meets one of the firemen, Quinton Hite, who died trying to save the young girls. Keb shares the story of a young boy, Brady Mailand,  excited to see “Shoeless Joe Jackson” play. Francis also gets the chance to meet a fiery elderly couple, Shania Metcalf and Michael Dreiling; and two janitors, Elliot Carlson and Tyrone Summers, who light up the stage with a little comic relief.
Come walk a day in Francis’ life as he experiences the eternity of others’ lives.