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FSA Scoop...SURE program sign-up begins Nov. 14 PDF Print E-mail

By Mary Karash
County Executive Director
Farm Service Agency, Grant, NE

Who is Eligible? Producers with agricultural operations located in a disaster county (Perkins County WAS NOT declared a disaster county in 2010) that had at least a 10 percent production loss that affects one crop of economic significance
- OR -
Producers with agricultural operations outside of a disaster county that had a production loss greater than or equal to 50 percent of the normal production on the farm (This would apply to Perkins County Producers)
All Producers Must Have: Purchased Federal Crop Insurance Corporation coverage on all insurable crops–AND–Purchased Noninsurable Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) coverage on noninsurable crops
If you had a production loss of 50 percent or more for 2010, please call the office. We will run your SURE workbook to see if you qualify and schedule an appointment for you to complete the application process. For more information on SURE program eligibility requirements contact the Perkins County FSA at (308) 352-4747 or visit the website at
Acre Production
If you are enrolled in ACRE (Average Crop Revenue Election) please be sure to bring in your production for the 2011 Crop Year. This is a requirement to meet program eligibility.
Owner/Operator Changes
Please notify the office as soon as possible when ownership or operator changes occur. We will need a copy of the deed to change ownership.
Designation by Landowner Method-The designation by landowner method is the division of bases in the manner agreed to by the parent farm owner and purchaser or transferee.
The designation by landowner method may be used when any of the following apply: part of a farm is sold or ownership is transferred, an entire farm is sold to two or more persons, farm ownership is transferred to two or more persons, part of a tract is sold or ownership is transferred a tract is sold to two or more persons, tract ownership is transferred to two or more persons.
GovDelivery To Be Used
As Cost Saving Measure
Nebraska FSA is moving toward GovDelivery. Present budget constraints are guiding Nebraska FSA to consider low/no cost methods to distribute program newsletters, publicize program eligibility information and provide reminders to participants.
To manage budget constraints, Nebraska FSA will be implementing GovDelivery to distribute newsletters and program information through electronic communications. GovDelivery is an efficient and effective way to electronically communicate with a large group of people.
Communication can be streamlined using email, Short Messaging Service (SMS), social media, and other channels. At this time we will only utilize the email aspect of GovDelivery. Text messaging is not currently available. In the future we may expand our use of GovDelivery to encompass some of the other forms of streamlined communication.
Electronic newsletters through GovDelivery will communicate mission-critical information to participants. Information that is participant or farm specific will continue to be distributed by hard copy mailings.
County Committee (COC) ballots will still be mailed as a hard copy. County Offices are currently in the process of collect email addresses and cell phone numbers. Please stop in the office or call to let us know your email address for electronic mailings.