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Pitching with Pritch...Just a run-of-the-mill week PDF Print E-mail

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

The Husker defense gave up zero points vs Bye this week but Coach Pelini stated they were “sloppy at times, and we have things to fix.” But on the other side of the ball, the offense scored zero and some of the Lincoln writers were thinking that Taylor Martinez was running too quickly and not looking for his third and fourth options in the passing game.
Just another typical week with the Huskers, Coach Pelini and the writers of the critical press in Omaha and Lincoln and it should continue this week when the Huskers meet a team rated just a slot below Bye, Minnesota, in this week’s AP selections. The story probably won’t sound much different.
Congratulations to the Perkins County High School football team in their win over rival Chase County High.
The 21-14 victory was a hard fought and exciting game and had a lot of outstanding plays both offensively and defensively by both teams.
The Plainsmen scored the winning touchdown with just a few seconds left after driving the ball 93 yards for the win. Good job and a district championship, not a bad night’s work. Now it is time to take care of Bridgeport this week and prepare for the district games that will be coming.
I have become a Detroit Lions fan this year just because they have a few old Nebraska players for them and they have been playing pretty well since the end of last season and into the current season.
They got beat Sunday on their home field by the 49ers but maybe the most exciting part came after the game and I missed that and had to watch it on the news replays and on You Tube. It appears that Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of the Niners, got all “cheerleady” at the final gun and thought he had just won the Super Bowl.
Harbaugh has done a pretty good job of turning San Francisco around because they were terrible last year and Harbaugh was hired away from Stanford to work his magic with the pros.
Anyway he sprinted across the field to exchange handshakes and backslap on Jim Schwartz, the Lions’ coach, and then started his run to the dressing room.
Schwartz apparently didn’t like the tone of the handshake and caught him before Harbaugh got off the field. And before it was over the teams had to be separated and herded back to the locker room one team at a time. Much like you would treat junior high kids who can’t get along at times.
Harbaugh was quoted as saying, “I was really reved up. That wasn’t me, just shook his hand too hard….That’s on me...Handshake was too hard.”
Reminds me of the time a coach turned his back on me after a basketball game and wouldn’t shake my hand, but that is for another time–and I couldn’t ever catch anyone before they got to the locker room anyway.
Come and see the last home football game of the regular season this week. I am sure the players will enjoy the support.