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1942 compact requires upstream releases.
Water, water everywhere, but not in the Bonny blue anymore.
The state of Colorado has begun to drain the Bonny Reservoir in eastern Colorado and allow the water to flow into the Republican River.
A 1942 agreement, the Republican River Compact with Nebraska and Kansas requires minimal water flows to the downstream states. Colorado has not been allowing the full amount of water in the past years, with drought conditions and other claims on water.
So, in order to meet its water obligations, the gates of the reservoir have been opened, allowing the water to run naturally along the Republican River to Nebraska and Kansas
Aquatic biologists are working hard to move thousands of fish in the reservoir to new locations, but it is a difficult task.
Many small businesses, bait shops, and food stores will likely go out of business when the reservoir is fully drained. The anglers will not come and the businesses will not have any customers.
The water debt owed by Colorado to Kansas and Nebraska is now being paid with stored water in the reservoir, and has been brought to light as experts in Kansas and Nebraska have been able to more accurately monitor water flows from state to states.