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City looking into selling farm/economic development land PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Depending on the costs involved, the farm ground owned by the city might soon go on the auction block.
At the regular meeting of Grant City Council on Sept. 27, council members instructed City Superintendent Tyson McGreer to look into what it would cost to pursue selling the city’s farm and economic development ground.
The land southeast of town is the site where the city’s sewer line is located.
Because the land is not being used for progressive economic development purposes, the city would be further ahead to sell the land—except for the portion where the sewer line runs. Day Farms currently leases the ground that was purchased by the City of Grant in 2007 for placement of the line.
Water/Sewer Updates
Placement of the new water main along Washington Avenue has been completed and connections made to homes.
A new section of pipe was being installed in the 800 block of Hancock last week.
While awaiting results from water testing for the new portion of the Hancock water main, workers will finish asphalt work along Washington.
Work will begin as soon as possible on the sewer maintenance project recently awarded to Johnson Service Company.
Two holes within the city’s sewer line will be repaired at a cost of $4,600.
The holes were discovered about a month ago during a camera inspection of some of the city’s oldest portions of sewer line.
Obviously, weather be a factor in how soon the repair work is completed.
Airport Request
Former airport manager Bill Besarick addressed the council concerning an offer to continue performing maintenance duties at Grant Municipal Airport in exchange for utility coverage in the areas where he operates a plane repair business.
Besarick’s contract with the city was not renewed after seven years due to budget constraints, however, he is offering his services for snow removal and runway maintenance in exchange for having access to the shop area to operate his plane repair business.
The matter was tabled while Besarick researches personal insurance to determine if it would be advantageous to continue to conduct his repair business at the airport.  
Property Abatement
Property in the 600 block of Washington was recently cleared by West Central Nebraska Development District after being declared a nuisance.
Abatement is pending for property declared a nuisance in the 800 block of Central Avenue.
The owner of property deemed a nuisance on Sherman Avenue will cooperate in  meeting the requirements of the city’s nuisance officer.
Energy Recommendation
Council accepted a recommendation by Power Board Representative Phil Calkins to pursue negotiations with MEAN (Munical Energy Agency of Nebraska) in purchasing 2 percent landfill methane gas as a green energy item.
The city is purchasing the green energy from a landfill in Des Moines to have a ‘foot in the door’ if the state of Nebraska ever mandates green energy credits in the future. By being proactive, Grant could potentially get energy credits at a cheaper rate.