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Lady Plainsmen second at Bridgeport tourney PDF Print E-mail

By Shari Friedel
Tribune Staff
Perkins County volleyball team traveled to Bridgeport for tournament with Bridgeport, Leyton, Perkins County and Bayard. The girls finished second, with their only loss to Bridgeport.
Bridgeport was first, winning all their matches; Perkins County second, Leyton third and Bayard fourth.
In game one, the Lady Plainsmen took on the 5-0 Leyton, winning in two sets, 25-17 and 25-20.
“We coaches were very pleased at how well they came out and played hard the first game,” said Coach Penny Hite. “It is a challenge to play right off the bat in the morning.”
The girls gained strength on serve receive with 27 for 31. Several players, Shalee Pollard, Shania Metcalf, Tanya Metcalf and Mati Humphrey were at 100 percent. Michi Prante also did a good job reading the court, said Hite.
“Leyton was good to start with. They have some strong hitters,” said Hite. “We just did a good job of keeping them out of system.”
PC vs. Leyton
25-17, 25-20

Kills: T. Metcalf 6; M. Humphrey, T. Osler, S. Metcalf 5 each; G. Patrick 2. Blocks: T. Metcalf 6 (1 ace), M. Humphrey 3 (1 ace); T. Osler 2 (1 ace); S. Metcalf 2 (1 ace); G. Patrick 1. Set assists: K. Beck 20; M. Humphrey 1; S. Metcalf 1. Ace serves: M. Prante 3; M. Humphrey 2; S. Metcalf 2. T. Metcalf 1.
PC vs. Bridgeport
Game two saw the Lady Plainsmen matched up with Bridgeport, who beat them in three sets, 25-19, 19-25 and 26-28.
Despite the loss, Hite was complimentary about the girls’ performance.
There were a lot of excellent volleys, long rallies that went boths ways,” she said. “Shalee Pollard served a heck of a game, getting us back into play and forcing them to take both their time outs.”
“It was good net play and Michi Prante and Shalee Pollard read their hitters very well.”
With 12 kills to her credit, “Tori Osler played all around her best game today!” said Hite.
PC vs. Bridgeport
25-19, 19-25, 26-28

Kills: T. Osler 12, S. Metcalf 5; T. Metcalf 5; G. Patrick 4; M. Humphrey 4; M. Prante 1. Blocks: G. Patrick 7; T. Metcalf 5 (2 ace); S. Metcalf 5 (2 ace) ; K. Beck, M. Humphrey and T. Osler, 1 each. Set assists: K. Beck 26; M. Humphrey 2; S. Pollard 2; T. Metcalf 1. Ace serves: M. Humphrey, S. Pllard and S. Metcalf 2 each; K. Beck 1; T. Metcalf 1.
PC vs. Bayard
The girls wrapped up the day with a win over Bayard in two sets, 25-12 and 25-11.
“It was a great end to a successful day,” said Hite. “I’m very pleased with the girls and how much they improved.”
“Serve receive is much improved and I am happy that we continue making improvements each week,” she added.
Hite complimented the bench and their play under different conditions than they are used to.
PC vs. Bayard
25-12, 25-11
Kills: S. Metcalf 11; T. Osler 8; G. Patrick 2, T. Metcalf 2; M. Humphrey 1. Blocks: G. Patrick 2 (1 ace); T. Metcalf 2 (1 ace); M. Humphrey 2; S. Metcalf 2; T. Osler 1. Set assists: K. Beck 20; T. Osler 2. Ace serves: M. Humphrey 3; J. Woodmancy 2; T. Metcalf, C. McClenahan, S. Pollard 1 each.
Paxton Triangular
Thursday, Sept. 15 the Lady Plainsmen took part in the Paxton triangular with Paxton and South Platte. The Plainsmen finished second, beating South Platte and losing to Paxton in the final game.
With a two-set victory over South Platte, “the girls played well all around and served well, moved well on defense,” said Coach Penny Hite. “A good game to prepare for Paxton.”
“We played very well offensively and dominated the net,” said Hite. “But they served well and we couldn’t pass the ball consistently in a couple rotations.”
Dominating at the net were Shania Metcalf with 12 kills and 11 blocks; and Matisyn Humphrey with nine kills. Tanya Metcalf contributed 12 blocks and six kills.
“Serving kept us in the game as did our hitting,” commented Hite. “We just need to finish the game.”
Next Action
The Lady Plainsmen hosted their first home competition in a triangular with Creek Valley and Sutherland on Tuesday, Sept. 20 and will be on the road again today (Thursday, Sept. 22) when they take on the Ogallala Lady Indians.
PC vs. South Platte
25-8, 25-10

Kills: S. Metcalf 9, G. Patrick, T. Metcalf, M. Humphrey and T. Osler, 3 each, K. Beck 1; M. Prante 1. Blocks: S. Metcalf 5 (4 ace) M. Humphrey 1; G. Patrick 1 (ace). Set assists: K. Beck 18; M. Humphrey 2; S. Pollard 1; S. Metcalf 1. Ace serves: M. Humphrey 5; S. Pllard 2; K. Beck 1; M. Prante 1.
The final game of the evening between Paxton and Perkins County was hard fought, ending in Paxton’s favor, 25-21, 19-25 and 22-25.

PC vs. Paxton
25-21, 19-25, 22-25
Kills: S. Metcalf 12; M. Humphrey 9; T. Metcalf 6; T. Osler 6; G. Patrick 4; K. Beck 2. M. Prante 1. Blocks: T. Metcalf 12 (2 ace); S. Metcalf 11 (1 ace), G. Patrick 5 (3 ace); M. Humphrey 2; K. Beck 1; T. Osler 1. Set assists: K. Beck 34; G. Patrick 2; T. Osler 1; S. Metcalf 1. Ace serves: K. Beck 3; S. Pollard 3.