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Lady Cats on the road throughout week three of volleyball season PDF Print E-mail

By Christy Sheets
Sports Writer
The Wallace Wildcats competed in the Hayes Center Triangular on Tuesday, Sept. 13, then were on the road again to face Sandhills-Thedford.
HC Triangular
The Cats’ first opponent was the Hayes Center Cardinals.  The Wildcats won the first set, but the Cardinals won the next two to win the match 25-14, 15 -25, and 21-25.
The Cardinals were ready to defend their home court, and the Lady Cats seemed a bit sluggish. The Wildcats made some good plays, especially in the first set, but really seemed to lack intensity and struggle with their passing game.  The Cats won the first set, but the Cardinals rallied back to win the match.
Leading the team offensively against the Cardinals was sophomore Sara Hubbard (1 ace) with 10 points.  Junior Anna Griffiths (1 ace) had 4 points, senior Emily Hasenauer had 3 points, senior Brooke Hochstetler had (1 ace) 2 points, and juniors Katelyn Melton and Chelsea Sowle each had 1 point.
Leading the team with set assists were Hasenauer and Griffiths each with 4, and sophomore Alexandria Lundvall with 1.
Defensively, Hochstetler and Sowle led the team with 6 kills and 1 block, followed closely by Hubbard with 5 kills. Hasenauer had 1 kill, and Melton had 1 block.
Wallace vs DC/Stratton
The Lady Cats then had to face the hard-hitting Tigers of Dundy County/Stratton. The Tigers and Wildcats split sets, but in the end the Tigers won 17-25, 27-25, and 18-25.  
The Cats’ second match went better than the first, and with some help from the bench, the Lady Cats seemed to gain some ground on the Tigers. The Tigers were strong, and their intensity seemed to raise the level of play of the Wildcats.  Unfortunately, the momentum of the second set just wasn’t enough to carry the Cats to a win.
Leading the team offensively against the Tigers were Hasenauer and Hubbard both with 5 points, followed closely by senior Danica Messersmith and freshman Morgan Messersmith each with 4 points.  Sowle and Melton each had 3 points, Hochstetler had 2 points, and Griffiths had 1 point.  Leading the team with set assists was Hasenauer with 4, followed by Griffiths and M. Messersmith each with 2.
Defensively, Hochstetler led the team with 6 kills and 4 blocks, followed by Sowle with 3 kills and 4 blocks.  Hubbard and Melton each had 3 kills, and setter Hasenauer had 1 kill.  
Wallace vs Sandhills-Thedford
On Friday night the Wildcats traveled to face a recently combined team, the Sandhills-Thedford Knights. The Lady Cats took the knights to five sets, but in the end the Lady Cats fell just short 25-22, 13-25, 25-21, 19-25, and 15- 9.  
The Lady Cats struck first and took the first set, but the knights came back to take the second pretty handily. The Lady Cats regained their momentum to take the third set, but once again the Knights answered right back.  
Early in the fifth it looked as though the Wildcats would have their first W of the season, but in the end a couple of well placed shots led to a victory for the Knights.
When asked about the match, head coach Kory Rohde said, “We played a lot better, our intensity was just lacking in the end.”  
Offensively, Hasenauer (2 aces) led the team in points with 9 points, followed closely by Hochstetler (3 aces) and Sowle (1 ace) who each had 8 points.  Hubbard (1 ace) had 7 points, and Griffiths and Melton each had 6 points. Leading the team with set assists was Hasenauer with 13, followed by Griffiths with 9.
Leading the cats defensively Friday night was Hasenauer with 11 kills and 3 blocks, followed by Sowle with 8 kills and 3 blocks.  Hubbard had 6 kills, Melton had 3 kills, and setters Griffiths and Hasenauer each had 1 kill.
Next Action
The Lady Cats traveled to Paxton to play in their tournament on Tuesday, Sept. 20th, and on Friday, Sept. 24, the Cats will host Medicine Valley with play starting at 5 p.m. (There will not be a C team game)