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Reader urges civility in problem solving PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
Since the uproar with the commissioner in District 2, maybe we all need to take a breath and calm the water, so to speak.
As the old saying goes, “You can satisfy some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time.”
I do not pretend to have all of the answers, or even a small part of them. I have my opinion, just as anyone else is entitled to, and did calmly express it at what I feel is the proper place. I did find the door to their meeting room is open and they are willing to listen to your point of view.
If we can all slow down, be civil, and state our opinions or give suggestions in a manner that will be accepted by those in charge instead of alienating them, we might just get somewhere by solving the problems.
Harassment and name calling is rather juvenile in my opinion, but will usually get you somewhere. Right to the bottom of the list!
All I would ask is some visible progress be made in the areas of responsibility. Looking from the outside in, that’s easy to say, but I have very little knowledge of the workings of their position.
I feel there have been some lessons learned recently and hopefully can be put to use.                                          
Galen Tickle