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Vendors to promote ethanol at State Fair PDF Print E-mail

The Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Ethanol Board are partnering at the 142nd Nebraska State Fair to promote ethanol and flex fuel vehicles.
Friday, Aug. 26 marked the beginning of the Nebraska State Fair and vendor booths from each agency will be set up in the exhibition building to focus on flex fuel vehicles (FFV), ethanol education and blender pump promotions.
The Nebraska Ethanol Board will focus on FFV awareness and the benefits ethanol production brings to the local, state, and national economy. There will also be pictures of several ethanol plants that are located throughout the state of Nebraska.
A history of ethanol timeline will be displayed in the Nebraska Corn Board booth along with a blender pump display, jars of corn representing corn production from 1930, 2011 and the future, and a video showing the faces of Nebraska farmers.
“There are approximately 100,000 FFVs in Nebraska and nearly 90 percent of consumers don’t know they drive a flex fuel vehicle,” said Kim Clark, ag program Manager from the Nebraska Corn Board. “The Nebraska State Fair is a great opportunity to educate consumers from all parts of the state about flex fuel vehicles and ethanol.”
Todd Sneller, administrator of the Nebraska Ethanol Board said, “Ethanol is a cleaner, more inexpensive, renewable alternative to gasoline. Drivers want fuel choice, and high ethanol blend fuels like E85 allows them to save money, support Nebraska’s economy, and reduce pollution.”
In addition to each of their booths, there will be ethanol blended fuel promotions beginning Saturday, Sept. 3 running through Monday, Sept. 5. These promotions will kick off with ethanol blended fuel discounts for FFV owners that are $0.20 for E20, $0.30 for E30, and $0.85 for E85 for this promotion. For more information visit the Nebraska Corn Board or Nebraska Ethanol Board booth.
In addition to the fuel discount, Saturday, Sept. 3 from 3-4 p.m. CT on the stage in the exhibition building, will be a question and answer panel titled “Do You Flex Fuel? Hear from the Experts about Flex Fuel Vehicles, Blender Pumps, and Ethanol.”
An auto mechanic, fuel retailer, ethanol expert, and an automobile salesperson will be on hand to answer any questions related to FFVs, blender pumps and ethanol fuel.
A pair of Husker football tickets to the Sept. 10, Nebraska vs. Fresno State and a pair of tickets to the Sept. 17, Nebraska vs. Washington football games will be given away.
For more information, visit the Nebraska Corn Board or Nebraska Ethanol Board booth during the State Fair or register online at or
Winners will be notified via email and phone on Tuesday, Sept. 6.
For more information on ethanol promotions, FFVs, blender pumps, ethanol fuel and the Husker football tickets to be given away, visit the Nebraska Corn Board or Nebraska Ethanol Board booth.
Sign up for the Nebraska Ethanol Board’s FFV club for updates of new E85 locations and other announcements. Go to to sign up now.