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Pool opening delayed due to break PDF Print E-mail

Opening date is Monday, June 6.

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
It hasn’t felt much like swimming weather, but hopefully by the time the Grant City Pool opens things will change.
Opening was set, then had to be delayed due to a break in one of the main circulation pipes, which is causing the pool to lose water. The break wasn’t discovered until the pool was filled and heating had begun, with the expectation of opening in a few days.
However, due to the extent of damage, Arnold Pool Company of Ogallala has been hired to do the necessary repair so the pool can open at a later date.
It has been repainted and cleaned, staff is on board, and things were ready to go until the unfortunate incident.
Opening date is now set for Monday, June 6.
To assure sanitation, the pool was drained of all the water and the debris left over from the winter months, then it was power washed several times and washed with acid, then with a neutralizer.
Temperatures had to be at least 50 degrees in order to paint, which left only a small window of opportunity last week when rain visited for several days.
The baby pool has also been painted.
According to Parks and Rec Director Connie Pofahl, the price of lessons has increased because it has gotten very expensive to register each swimmer with the Red Cross.
Up until the break was discovered, there were no major changes scheduled for this summer. However, the pool is over 50 years old and very outdated. Besides the current repair, some updates need to be looked at in the future.
Pofahl said the filter system is so outdated that it’s hard to find parts anymore.
Handicap accessibility is something that needs to be looked at when updating.
“Money is an issue, and hopefully we can get feedback from the survey on how we can get the ball rolling on how this can be done,” she said. “The pool is an asset to the city and the county. Many people depend on it to be open in the summer.”
Pool Staff
Managing the pool again this summer is Brittany Pofahl with help from assistant managers Brooke Poppe and Elisa Carlson.
Lifeguards include Alecia Friedel, Brody Prante, Elliot Carlson, Jessie Woodmancy, Derek Brueggeman, Christian Miyamoto, Kristin Beck, Shalee Pollard, Rachel Patrick, Michael Dreiling and Timothy Johnson.
Pool Hours
• Monday-Friday, 1-6 p.m.
• Lap swim 6-6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, which has been extended by 30 minutes.
• Saturday-Sunday, 1-5 p.m. No lap swim on weekends.
• The pool is available for private parties after regular hours. It can be reserved by calling Brittany at 352-4217.
• Family pass $75
• Adults $40 Students K-12 $35, senior citizens $35.
• Daily swimming: Adults $4, students and senior citizens $3.
• Pool parties: $30 plus the cost of staff.
• Swim aerobics: Free with pass holder, $20 for season plus daily fee.
• The pool offers daily concessions that all cost $1 or under.
Red Cross swim lessons will be held the week of June 28-July 2.
Classes will be offered each morning at 9 a.m., 10 a.m., and 11 a.m.
The cost for lessons is $30 for the first child, $25 for the second child, and $20 for each additional child.
Lifeguards also offer private lessons.
Bad Weather Plan
Parents are reminded to have a plan in place for their child(ren) when there is bad weather approaching.
Pofahl said there is always an effort made to get children out of the pool and sent home prior to a storm hitting. However, she said there are some parents who leave their kids at the pool until a certain time no matter what the weather is.
She asks that there be somewhere designated for a child to go when the pool is closing because of the weather.
Help Prepare Your Child
In order to have a safe and fun summer at the pool, parents can play a role in familiarizing their child with the rules beforehand, said Pofahl.
“Let’s have a fun and safe summer at the pool—we are fortunate to have this as part of what the city can offer the community for the summer.”
Below is a list of some rules a child is expected to follow, and with parental reinforcement, will aid the staff in keeping the environment safe:
• No running at any time.
• All long hair must be tied back.
• Only one person on the slide and diving board at a time.
• No diving in the three-foot area.
• No gum chewing while swimming.
• Eating of snacks will only be allowed in a certain area of the pool.
• If there is a great amount of trash in the pool area, snacks may not be available.
• No outside food or drinks will be brought into the pool area.
• It is required that every swimmer take a warm soapy shower before swimming. If leaving the pool area they will be required to shower again.
• Please encourage the use of baskets available for personal belongings and return them to the office for safekeeping.
• If a swimmer has been asked to leave the pool because of not following the rules or listening to the guards, the parents will be called.
• Please ask children to respect and follow the directions given by the staff—this is for the safety of all swimmers.
• No one can swim with an open wound or sore, rash or any other medical condition that is not safe for other swimmers to be exposed to.
If there are any concerns, parents are encouraged to talk to their children first, then feel free to call Connie Pofahl at 352-9054 or call the pool and ask for Brittany 352-4217.