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Pitching with Pritch...That’s why you play the game PDF Print E-mail

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

The NBA season started this past weekend with the NBA playoffs. After 82 practice games, the surviving teams took to the court to decide this year’s champion.
There are still a lot of questions to answer and it might take some of the teams a little while to get out of the “coast” mode that they are in most of the season, but they might not want to wait too long to kick it into gear.
There were some upsets right away and I thought the biggest one just might have been the New Orleans Hornets win over the Lakers at Staples in LA.
Now, granted, the Lakers have not played as well as most people thought they would at times this year, but I heard a number of times over ESPN and such that the Lakers almost had drawn a “bye” with their first round opponent.
Well, you have to be careful of those “bye” teams and the Hornets, playing with a number of guys who had never been in the playoffs ever, hung an opening round loss on the defending champions 109-100. Kobe got 34 for the Lakers, but Chris Paul dropped 33 on the Lakers and got 14 assists.
The Laker’s so-called length didn’t help them on offense as Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum didn’t play up to their size and the Hornets played really well–and bingo, first round upset.
The Hornets weren’t the only ones that got an upset win that defied logic, as Memphis also beat San Antonio in their first round game. Just another example of why you play games. On paper it looks like one thing, but on the court it often turns out to be something far different.
I realize that I am an old guy, but there are some sport descriptions that grate on me a little anymore. One of them is when the announcer talks about one teams “length.” Are they not just taller than the other team?
Also, both football and basketball guys are always talking about getting a guy into “space.” Don’t they just get “Open”? And my least favorite anymore is when they tell me the guy can really “Score the ball.” I have never seen anything else happen in scoring; it has always been the ball.
I am getting grumpy in my old age, but I will get over it.
Improvements at Nebraska Going Well
According to Paul Meyers, Nebraska’s associate athletic director for athletic development, things are going well with the projects at the University.
The East Stadium expansion to Memorial Stadium will be completed in 2013 and deposits already have been made for all of the stadium’s skybox suites. Current suite owners will have the option of moving to the East Stadium if they like.
Skybox suites in Memorial Stadium go for $45,000 to $90,000 annually and require a 10-year-commitment. That all happened without the CIR helping set the prices.
I wonder if they checked with other schools to see what they charged That probably doesn’t matter here.

Weather Makes Changes in Schedules
The spring snow always comes and interrupts spring schedules, but boy did it have moisture in it and it was pretty much gone in a few days.
Other than having the largest drift in our driveway in the six years that we have lived in this location, it was a welcome snow.
I love the way the good Lord works in the spring. Now you see the snow and now you don’t.
Check the school web site for all the changes.