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FSA Scoop...Check in before breaking sod PDF Print E-mail

By Mary Karash
County Executive Director
Farm Service Agency, Grant, NE

Penny Schrotberger has decided to retire; her last day to work for the Farm Service Agency will be Friday, April 29th.  Penny has been with the agency nearly 25 years.  
Penny said it has been a joy and challenge working with the many changes in the  agricultural programs. Penny has elected not to have an open house, so please stop in and wish her good luck in her new adventure in the next two weeks.
With this nice moisture that was received this past week, and predictions of rain to continue this week; it would be a good time for those who have not reported their wheat acres to stop in and do so.   
You just need to have the acres and planting dates that you have given your insurance agents. This will help the office with workload as we almost have a full staff for two more weeks.
My article on “sod busting” brought in many producers who may be breaking new ground. Claudia Stevenson, NRCS, has requested me to stress the importance of requesting the HEL/NHEL determination PRIOR to breaking the sod.  If the ground is HEL, then a conservation plan must be written.
With sodbuster rules, the requirements for residue are much tougher than land that was farmed prior to the 12/23/1985 Food Security Act.  
If you are thinking of breaking out or clearing out trees/buildings, please stop in now to complete the paperwork.  These conservation plans take some time to complete and that does not include the time to get the HEL/NHEL determination.
Signup for the 2009 SURE Program is underway and will continue through July 29.
Producers who suffered at least a 10 percent loss on a crop of economic significance in crop year 2009 may be eligible for benefits under this program. Call the county office for details. (SURE: Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments Program)
For more information about FSA and its programs, visit: http: // USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.