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Wallace class takes virtual field trip PDF Print E-mail

By Chandra Smith
Wallace High School

On Jan. 17 the Web  Design class went on a virtual field trip to the Tennessee Aquarium.
The speaker talked about endangered animals, and how they are hunted and poached for money and for their skins.
She showed the class a few things that people use the skins of the animals for, including boots, jackets, knickknacks, key chains and even coats. The animals that she mentioned that are used for this include, anacondas, sea turtles, cheetahs, sting ray, Caiman lizards, alligators and ivory from elephant tusks.
The speaker also informed the class about having permits to hunt animals, and the fines for not having a permit while hunting.
In the hour of being on the virtual field trip students learned more about endangered animals, are more aware of  the consequences of hunting without permits, and what to do when seeing an endangered animal and who to contact.