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It’ll be cool to be in school PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn

Managing Editor


The installation of a new heating/cooling system at Perkins County High School is underway.

Not only will the new system provide comfort throughout the building, it will be way more efficient, said Superintendent Tobin Buchanan.

During winter break, Siemens of Kearney began work on replacing an old inefficient steam system.

The project’s first phase began in the original 1918 portion of the school building.

Heating will be replaced and cooling added to all portions of the building that are currently served by the old steam boiler which was originally a coal boiler installed when the school was built.

Buchanan said there is a possibility the system could be in place by the time school is out, but he anticipates mid-summer for completion.

“There should not be a problem with having everything done by the time school starts next fall,” he said.

Buchanan said the expense of the project—which is $578,000—has been budgeted through the Depreciation Fund of the school’s budget which is utilized to replace old and defunct equipment.

The old steam system is highly inefficient, said Buchanan.

“According to Siemens’ calculations using our past history of utilities for gas and electric, the new system could potentially save us up to $10,000 a year even with the addition of cooling,” he said.