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Mother of year search underway PDF Print E-mail

The Nebraska Mothers Association is searching for an outstanding Nebraska mother for the year 2011, proclaimed by of Tonia Nantkas of Utica, president.

An organization or person other than the candidate’s family must nominate a candidate for 2011 Nebraska Mother of the Year. The sponsoring organization will be expected to assist the nominee in preparing the required portfolio, which includes a short bibliography of the mothers’ life, her family, and a brief statement about what she appreciates about mother hood.

The chosen Mother of the Year must be at least 45 years of age, have been married to a man in a legal ceremony, and be a mother of one or more children with her youngest child at least 15 years of age.

The complete portfolio must be postmarked and into the hands of the search chairman by Jan. 15, 2011. For more information, please contact the 2011 search chairperson, Joan Burney, 56094 880 Road, Hartington, NE 58739 or call 402-750-6114.

The Nebraska Mothers Association is an affiliate of the American Mothers Inc., whose purpose is to strengthen the moral and spiritual foundation of the American home.

Besides honoring an outstanding mother and young mother each year, they conduct art, crafts and literature contests, promote mother-mentoring, make “Comfy Covers” for abused children, provide “Books for Babes” and “Kits for Kids”.

Currently, they are conducting an essay contest for 5th grade students on “What My Mother Means to Me.”