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Wallace School brings world to students with technology PDF Print E-mail

During the past semester students from Wallace have had the opportunity to experience some amazing and far away places. Elementary students have gotten to see the San Diego Zoo, travel through Plymouth Plantation, and speak with author Laura Numeroff, author of, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”

The eighth grade class also had the chance to speak to Werner Reich, a Holocaust survivor who was imprisoned in both the Auschwitz and Mauthausen death camps during World War II.

None of these experiences were made possible by airfare, long drives in buses, or other forms of travel. Instead, Wallace School staff, in conjunction with Educational Service Unit 16, are using technology in new and innovative ways to bring the world to their students.

Using new “virtual field trip” technology, students can see other places around the country and even around the world on a large screen television while interacting with the people on the other side using a live microphone.

This technology is similar to, but more advanced than, the popular internet program known as Skype, which enables users to essentially have a videophone conversation through their computers.

The Wallace School administration is staying up with the technological trends and asking themselves, “How can we use this technology to improve our students’ educations?”

This year it has been a major initiative to encourage the use of these amazing teaching tools in the classroom.

“The virtual field trip to speak to Mr. Reich was an amazing opportunity for my students to learn more about a subject that they had been reading about in class,” said Sarah Young, a middle school English teacher at Wallace. “The technology really opens up a whole new world of teaching opportunities.”

Thanks to virtual field trips students can see the world without ever having to leave the safety and comfort of their own classrooms. Teachers and students have shown excitement over the possibilities of where this technology will take them next.


Third grade receives Kindles


The Wallace third grade was recently able to purchase five Amazon Kindles to use in the classroom.

This project was supported by funding from the John Russell Applegate Fund for Teachers at Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation, based in North Platte.

The third graders are excited to begin using the Kindles for various reading and literature projects.