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Pitching with Pritch...Good times continue to roll into 2011 for sports fans PDF Print E-mail

By Larry Pritchett

Past PCHS Activities Director


The year is coming to an end, but the sports stuff just rolls over to the next month and the good times just continue if you are a sports fan or sports nut. Take your pick, but there is always plenty of sports news for the average Joe.

This week has been my computer week. First my home computer crashed and of course I had everything backed up! Not! Then I went to the office to do the weekly column and after spending time getting everything put together and typed, I immediately lost it to cyberspace or somewhere.

So this is my second attempt to get this done. It was a good thing I was still in a “festive” mood or my first News Years Resolution would have been to “Not destroy all things computer.”

Fan Keeps Bills On TV

My vote for fan of the year goes to Russell Salvatore of Buffalo, New York. In order to keep the Bills last two games of the regular season from being blacked out on TV, Salvatore purchased between 7,000 and 8,000 tickets to guarantee the games would be televised.

Salvatore who owns Russell’s Steaks, Chops, and More is now a 77-year-old hero to the Bills’ fans. He took the tickets and donated them to members of the military and charitable organizations.

At 4-10 the Bills are only going to play in the regular season but the final two games are against the Patriots and the Jets–so the Bills can still determine some of the outcomes for the playoffs.

I don’t know what tickets cost in Buffalo, but not many times do you have someone call the ticket office and ask for 8,000 tickets. Taking into consideration the weather in Buffalo, being able to watch it on TV might be worth buying that many tickets.

Frank and Bo

I wouldn’t want this to get around too much, but I have watched two or three of K-State’s basketball games on TV the last couple of weeks.

The fans who like “The Flaw on the Caw” which is KU, usually don’t watch the teams from “Silo Tech” unless they are playing on the KU campus. But in watching the games I noticed a similarity between the Wildcats basketball Coach Frank Martin and the Huskers own Bo Pelini.

They both go bonkers on the sidelines at about everything. They are on officials, players, coaches, and afterwards the media people. Bo got a little “wrist slap” this season from the NU Administrators after his outburst during and following the Texas A&M game.

Now there are a couple of things that are different with the two coaches. Martin is just as explosive on the sidelines as Pelini. He gets on officials and yells at his players. He has that wide-eyed, hair on fire, glare that one of his players said is like staring at the Sun. You can do it, but not very long because you will go blind.

Martin’s tirades in visiting with his players are very explosive. He screams, gets in their grill a lot, and even with my limited “lip reading skills”, I think he curses at them some, conservatively every other word.

The big difference is that Martin has some people skills with the media. He has never had the K-State chancellor slap his wrist publicly as Pelini did. Even though Martin can be very short with the media after games, he does know how to make things smooth again after some rough spots. You have to remember that there is kind of a double standard when dealing with sideline decorum with football coaches and basketball coaches.

You do have the football coaches (please see “Woody Hayes” of the olden days) but for the most part basketball coaches have much longer leashes when it comes to “tantrum throwing” vs officials and players. Basketball coaches would align closer to baseball managers I think. YouTube Bob Knight and take a look at a career of bad behavior. Then you have the more subtle approach like Billy Tubbs, former basketball coach at OU, when at a game the fans were throwing items on the floor and Tubbs took the “mike” and appealed to the crowd with this gem, “Please refrain from throwing things on the floor, no matter how bad the officials are.”

It got him a technical, but it was a very original approach to working the officials.

Back to Frank Martin, he does have a charming side I guess. After a game last week, he reportedly turned into Santa Claus and planted a postgame kiss on the cheek of K-State broadcaster Stan Weber. Don’t look very soon for Bo to go there!

NU vs Washington

Hopefully the Huskers can again beat the Huskies. I would bet that this one tonight (Thursday) will be closer than the first one three months ago.

Jake Locker, Washington quarterback, was a projected first round draft choice but after going 4 for 20 in the first game dropped almost out of site according to the rating people. He will have something to prove no doubt.

This could be a disaster bowl for the Huskers if they take it too lightly in their preparation and approach. Hopefully Bo and his staff will have them ready to go.

Brad Dickson Very Funny:

I do like to read Brad Dickson each week and always wonder why I like his stuff and think if he wrote for Jay Leno, why was Leno so not funny! Here area couple of Dickson’s lines for this week.

The Redskins benched Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman. Imagine being a quarterback benched for Rex Grossman? It’s like a kicker hearing “Johnson–We’re letting you go. We signed a new kicker, name’s Charlie Brown.

The Maryland athletic director fired head football coach Ralph Friedgen despite the fact that Friedgen was just named ACC Coach of the Year. Of the Maryland A.D. , Steve Pederson said, “Oh, he’s good.”



According to census figures the population of Nebraska increased 6.7 percent in the past decade to just more than 1.8 million people. All 1.8 million were at the Westroads Mall last Sunday.