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Letter to the Editor...It’s hard to give on fixed income PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

This letter is about donations. At this time of year especially it seems like every club, church, group, people are all asking you to donate for just about anything.

I am on a fixed income and it is hard for me to give to the church, and then you get all the other places asking for money. It just about makes you dizzy to keep up with everyone wanting money.

Why can’t these things that want money come at different times like spring and summer? Not that I could give any more, but there is a better chance of me having a little more money at that time than at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My list is getting smaller and smaller to who I get for at Christmas. Then you have to add the meals you have to donate to and all the free will offerings.

I give to the Grant Food Pantry, I try and donate to the No Kill Animal Shelter. Then there are the donations the churches ask for, not just mine, but all of them. I have to call a halt some time.

My only recreation, and believe me it is a small recreation, is getting two movies a month from an online business. I buy pop and drink half of a bottle at nights with supper.

I would love to give more and it makes me feel embarrassed to say no to all the good things that want a donation. I am not saying all donations are wrong and they aren’t wrong in needing money for whatever it is they need it for, but for me it has to stop somewhere at this time of year.

I live on a fixed income as do many others I know. It is hard enough to get through the month much less giving it all away. I am lucky to live in a place where I don’t have to mow, scoop snow, pay utilities, or cable TV. I don’t even drive anymore and couldn’t afford it if I had a car.

I will end now with an “I’m sorry I can’t help out more.” My mom always said charity begins at home, and I guess that is my option at this time of year.

Deb Cornelius