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Pitching with Pritch...Coach Pelini a man of few words PDF Print E-mail

By Larry Pritchett

Past PCHS Activities Director


What would it be like to be a media person and have the assignment of interviewing Coach Pelini before the game, at the half, or after the game had ended? I don’t think any of those times would be a lot of fun. The guy who got the assignment Saturday almost had to tackle Pelini at half time just to get him to talk at all and then there were a lot of one word answers.

It didn’t get much better on the radio show after the game either. Coach Pelini probably has gotten better with the media, but he is still a handful to work with no matter what the outcome of the game. Win or lose. he doesn’t like to visit much.

It is, however, a part of the game and the duties of the head coach, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to try and improve those skills. Coach Bo is one of those guys during a game that it doesn’t matter what he is doing or who he is talking to, it appears to put him in a stressful position.

I am sure that Coach Pelini was anything but happy about how things went on Saturday vs Iowa State, but in my opinion he should send the Iowa State coach a thank you note for the victory. The win was most important and that is what the Cornhuskers got.

The Huskers are still in charge of their own destiny. When you look at the Iowa State game, the Huskers won it without two of their quarterbacks playing. It also appeared that even though they give a lot of lip service to the confidence they have in Cody Green, I question it just a little. I will give Green credit for the fact that he hung in there, got some pass completions that were important and that helped a great deal. But I also thought when things were really tough the Huskers were running without a quarterback and doing it with the Wildcat formation.

A lot of teams had problems this past weekend. Talk to Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama about how things can go on a given Saturday. Who would have put money on a bet that said Texas would lose to Iowa State, Kansas State and Baylor all in the same year, maybe in one decade?

If you watched the Texas-K State game you even saw Texas block an extra point attempt by K State and Josh Cherry, a McCook native who is the kicker, pick it up and score.

In this year who would have thought that KU could score 35 points in a quarter to come back and beat even Colorado? I am sure that didn’t hurt Turner Gill’s situation and pretty sure it put the final nail in the coffin for a Colorado coaching staff.

The Huskers have KU and Colorado left at home, and a very tough team in Texas A&M on the road, so although it might appear to be a little easier at this stage, it won’t be. Hopefully everyone will be healed next week and the Huskers can finish strong.

PCS Fall Seasons Come

To An End

The Plainsmen’s fall seasons came to an end this past week with the football team dropping a second round playoff game to North Platte St. Pats and the Volleyball girls dropping a heartbreaking district finals to Bridgeport.

All the fall sports had good seasons and now we move into the winter events. A little bit of rest for everyone and then we can gear up for wrestling and boy’s and girl’s basketball.

See you at the games!