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Pitching with Pritch...Local athletes had good week PDF Print E-mail

This past week had the usual highs and lows that one finds in athletics at any level, but other than those who yell for the Huskers, the locals had a pretty good week.

First of all, the weather was absolutely perfect starting on Thursday when PCS hosted the Class D district cross-country meet at the golf course. 

I think I can speak for the high school in saying that they appreciate all those who took time to help put the meet on. I know from experience that it takes a bunch of people to get it done properly. PCS has been hosting this district for a number of years, so they must run a pretty good meet. 

Perkins County had a third place finish in the meet by the girls team, so they qualified for the state meet that is held at Kearney this Friday, Oct. 22. Class D girls run at 11 a.m. MT. If you have never been to a state meet, you should go to one. 

The students that participate in XC are a very dedicated group of people and work very hard in their sport. Try running three or four miles every day up and down hills and see how much fun that is. Then you see why those who love it do it very well. You can’t do it well without hard work.

Friday night if you attended the Perkins County-Chase County football game, you witnessed one of the better football games played here in a while in many respects. That night also was a great night for football. 

Just a little fall coolness in the air that makes it just a little cool for some of old guys and just right for the players on the field. 

The night started with a very talented young lady, Krystal Gaar, singing the National Anthem just about as well as it could be sung, and she set the tone for the entire evening.

The night just kept getting better and better. The football game was a great one to watch. I don’t know if you would watch the tape and break the game down technically if it was a great game that way, but from a fan’s point of view it was pretty close to that “classic” grouping. 

It had some offense, a lot of defense, some great tackles, blocks, and everything that goes into exciting games. 

Like most every close game, it came down to little things. Perkins County got two great field goal makes by Jeremy Hagan, one of 21 or 22 yards, and one of about 41 yards. The Longhorns missed an extra point and the Plainsmen’s Michael York broke through and blocked Chase County’s field goal attempt with under 30 seconds to go to force the game into overtime. 

From my spot on the sidelines I thought Riley Kosmicki made two or three great tackles in CC’s last drive to force the field Goal that got blocked and that was huge in the game. Then in overtime to hold Imperial from the 10 yard line and only give up the field goal was a great effort. 

Of course then Perkins County got the ball and York makes another outstanding play scoring from the 9 on the second play to give the Plainsmen the win, the district championship and a spot in the playoffs. 

This rivalry is one that goes back a long time and I have gotten to see it from both sides of the field. The statement that I heard most after the game was that it was a “typical Grant-Imperial” football game. 

Political correctness set aside for just a minute, it was a typical contest between the two schools, and I know that when I helped Coach Haenfler it was always fun to beat Imperial. When I coached at Imperial in the 70s and helped Fred Bessler it was always fun to beat Grant. They were hard fought, hard hitting, exciting games and the best part was that when it was over, for the most part, the two towns get along pretty well. That is really how it should be, but sometimes it is difficult with some communities.

Saturday finished up the highlight portion of the week for the Perkins County teams as the volleyball team played well and won the SPVA volleyball tournament. 

They had defeated Maxwell on Thursday night and then Saturday afternoon beat Sutherland in the semi-finals and defeated a very scrappy Hershey group in five sets to win the championship. In the end I thought the power of the Plainsmen up front proved to make the difference. 

Tori Osler, Gabrielle Patrick, Shania Metcalf, Matisyn Humphrey, and Tanya Metcalf all had some great hits during the contest. Kristin Beck and Jessica Day got the ball where it needed to be and it ended up with a championship. 

Congratulations to the players and coaches for this outstanding accomplishment.

The downer of the week, you guessed it, Kansas State beating the daylights out of KU. 

Wait a minute, there was that other game that had a bad outcome also. Texas still owns the Huskers. Nebraska is a lot better than they were under Billy C, but they still can’t get by the boys from Texas. 

If you want the ball thrown to you more, Niles, catch it. That is the same for all receivers. Offensive and defensive lines can’t get pushed all over the field. 

It appeared that we are getting closer to having play makers, but Texas had more speed than we did, they had a defense designed to stop our former Heisman hopeful, and we couldn’t stop their RUNNING quarterback. Regroup, rethink, refresh, and win the rest of them and see what happens in the Big Twelve championship. There is still time.