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FSA Scoop...County qualifies for soybean assistance PDF Print E-mail

The 2009 Crop Assistance Program will only apply in counties that received a secretarial designation as primary disaster counties for high moisture or precipitation conditions.  Perkins County qualifies for assistance for soybeans.  

Due to losses suffered by cotton, rice, soybean, and sweet potato producers, USDA will provide some assistance to those farmers as soon as possible.  

Under Section 32, the Secretary of Agriculture has long-standing authority to provide assistance to producers in order to re-establish their purchasing power, as well as to make purchases of fruits, vegetables, and other commodities for domestic feeding programs.  

Assistance will be made available under the following three programs:  

•  Lost Poultry Contract Assistance Program, 

• Aquaculture Grant Program and 

• Crop Assistance Program:  Producers certifying to at least a five percent loss on their crop in 2009 will receive payments on a per-acre (actual planted or prevented planted) basis at the following rate:  Soybeans at $15.62.  

Payments will be made only on those acres actually planted to the crop or that were prevented from being planted and that are currently on file with FSA.

While the 2008 Farm Bill made great strides in eliminating the need for ad hoc disaster programs, work still needs to be done.  

In this case, USDA’s review of the distribution for 2008 SURE program payments combined with the concerns heard from producers for 2009  has led to this attempt to utilize existing, but limited, authorities and funding to address those issues for producers who may not be receiving adequate levels of coverage and assistance under existing safety net programs.  

While this does not cover every farmer and every loss, it is one effort to continue to provide the most effective safety net nationwide for the farmers and ranchers who provide all of us–and many around the world- with a safe, abundant, and affordable food and fiber supply.

Producers in counties that were designated by the Secretary as primary disaster counties because of high precipitation or moisture related conditions will be eligible for assistance.  FSA’s preliminary data indicates just under 1,000 counties could be eligible.

Farmers signing up for this assistance will have to certify that they meet all eligibility requirements, including Adjusted Gross Income limits.  Consistent with existing requirements in the 2008 Farm Bill, no producer can receive more than $100,000 in disaster assistance.

USDA plans to begin sign up once it publishes the regulation for the assistance and the funding becomes available in Fiscal Year 2011. USDA will have more information on the sign up in the near future and will be continually updated with the most current information.

In general, payments under other USDA programs will not be affected.  However, pursuant to statute, any SURE payment a producer could be eligible for will be offset by any payments under this program.

Producers will be notified of additional details as they become available.  

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.