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NRD not asking for any property taxes for next year PDF Print E-mail

Unconstitutional property taxes will be used instead

By Russ Pankonin

The Imperial Republican

It’s not often, if ever, that a governmental entity passes on collecting property taxes but that’s what’s happening with the Upper Republican Natural Resources District (URNRD).

At their regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Sept. 7, the URNRD approved a budget that requests no property taxes for the 2010-2011 year. 

That compares with last year when the NRD asked for $1,153 million in property tax revenue. 

So where’s the money coming from to offset property taxes?

When LB 701 was passed in 2007, it contained a special 10-cent levy that could be assessed in natural resources districts in the Republican. 

After the tax was collected,  this portion of LB 710 was challenged in court and later found to be unconstitutional by a district court judge and the Nebraska Supreme Court. 

However, there are no state statues in place to provide for a refund to taxpayers. 

So the NRDs in the basin have been holding the property taxes. The URNRD presently holds $1.137 million in LB 701 property taxes.

In an effort to get this money back to taxpayers,  no property tax request will be made this year. 

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