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City discusses new fireworks ordinance PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn

Managing Editor

An ordinance to shorten the selling time and detonation hours of fireworks within city limits was given its first reading at the regular meeting of Grant City Council on Aug. 10. 

The ordinance would change the selling dates of fireworks from June 30-July 4 to June 24-July 4. Hours to set off fireworks would be from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. with the exception of July 4 when they could be discharged until midnight.

The matter that was discussed between council members, the city superintendent and city attorney had arisen due to complaints by citizens on the length of time fireworks were being shot off and the allowable number of days leading up to the holiday. 

Sheriff Jim Brueggeman said the sheriff’s office had received more complaints this summer than they have for a number of years. 

He also pointed out there will be fewer restrictions by the state next year which could create even more of a problem if the approved fireworks for sale are bigger and louder. 

Brueggeman said his office had already had lots of complaints on noise this summer.

Property Abatement 

Out of 42 original properties deemed a nuisance, only three required abatement, speaking well of Grant’s citizens in working together in cleaning up their neighborhoods.

Questions on building a garage at the Logan address that was just abated were answered at the regular meeting of Grant City Council on Aug. 10. 

Besides the property at 228 Logan that was recently abated, two others considered nuisances are going through the process, one at 613 Washington and the other at 636 Hancock. 

In late July, the Grant City Council rescinded abatement on two properties because they had been cleaned up. The properties were at 644 Logan and 832 Logan.

In Other Business

Other items on the agenda at the Aug. 10 meeting include:

• Following final reading, council approved attaching a map to the city’s zoning ordinance defining residential and business properties.

• Council approved a lease agreement with USA Communications, a wireless internet provider. 

The company will use the city’s water tower for attaching their antennas.

• Librarian Robin Quinn presented a fiscal year report. See adjacent story on Hastings Memorial Library.