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New anesthetist joins hospital staff PDF Print E-mail


By Tawny Burmood

UNL Student Intern


Perkins County Health Services has received a new certified registered nurse anesthetist, Pam Murphy. A former 26 year member of the U.S. Navy, she has travelled all over the world as a nurse anesthetist. 

“I always knew I was going to be a nurse,” Murphy said. She began her career in the Navy in 1982 where she worked as an RN in Los Angeles. Throughout her career in the Navy she has been stationed in San Diego, Yankton, S.D., and Portsmouth, Va. 

By being an RN she was limited as to what she could do to help a patient. 

“I was getting frustrated because I knew what the patient needed, but I had to wait for orders,” Murphy said.

In 1990 she attended an anesthetist school in South Dakota. With her education she began to travel to far away bases working on five air craft carriers and three LHD ships. She has been to several countries including Spain, Dubai, Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, England, Australia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore.

“I have a brain and I like using it,” Murphy said. “Working in intensive care you have to make decisions.” And it was that very reason why she became a nurse anesthetist. It was the feeling of independence, being able to make quick decisions and having the capability to help someone without assistance. 

“When we (a nurse anesthetist) deployed we deployed by ourself,” Murphy said. Before coming to Grant she previously worked for Portsmouth Anesthesia Associates in Virginia.


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