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Local families invited to host an exchange student PDF Print E-mail

A local non-profit exchange program is inviting local Grant families to host international exchange students for the 2010-2011 school year. The teenage students come from over 30 countries and attend local high schools. 

The students have their own spending money and insurance. Host families are responsible for meals, a place to sleep and a nurturing environment. 

STS Foundation has a local coordinator that will supervise the student and support the family throughout the school year. 

Here are a few of the incoming students who are requesting families. The host family can choose any student from any country. 

Marianne is 16 and comes from Oslo, Norway. Her dad is an engineer and her mom is a secretary. 

She has an 18-year-old brother,  Magnus. Marianne enjoys singing, drawing, reading and being with her family. She considers herself to be a happy and positive person. Marianne is a straight “A” student and her teachers describe her as a hard worker. She will come to the USA for the full year and is very excited about meeting her new family wherever she gets placed. Marianne loves children and animals and hopes to live with a family that has some pets. 

Jonas is 15 and is from Denmark. He lives on a fish farm with his parents and brother. They breed and sell trout on the farm. They also breed horses for jumping and have 18 in total. Jonas loves horses and owns two. 

He participates in jumping events most weekends. He enjoys sports and plays with the local youth team. 

Jonas loves children and often babysits for his aunt who has a two-, five- and seven-year old. His teachers describe him as being outgoing, positive and energetic. He will be a great ambassador for his country! 

Ceceila is 17 and comes from Lille in northern France. She lives with her parents and 20-year-old sister named Mathilde. 

Cecilia’s hobbies include playing the piano, dance, tennis, listening to music, reading and cinema. She loves going to concerts and ballets. Mathilde and her family are currently hosting a boy from Ecuador and they are really enjoying having hosting him. Cecilia is very involved in student groups at school and is currently on the school’s high life council. She would like to work in communications or journalism when she is older. 

Cecilia has played the piano since she was five and practices every day. She also plays tennis on the weekends and hopes to continue this in the USA. She would also like to try cheerleading in her new high school. 

Janna is 17 and comes from Finland. Her dad works with sports facilities and her mom is a service assistant. Janna has three brothers aged 12, seven and five. She speaks English and Swedish. She loves cycling, skiing, running and going to the gym. She also loves singing. She owns a piano but still does not know how to play! 

She cycles a lot with her dad and they have traveled to different countries just for this sport. Janna also has an interest in acting and hopes to join a theatre group if possible in the USA. 

She describes herself as being confident and funny. 

For questions about these and other students, call or email Cheryl Drozd at 402-563-0699, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it STS Foundation is a dedicated to intercultural exchange.