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Wheat across the state is turning, but producers are predicting a later harvest due to cool temperatures and excess moisture.

According to the USDA’s June 14 report, temperatures for the week averaged 2 degrees below normal with highs in the lower 90s and lows in the mid 40s. 

All districts averaged at least one inch of precipitation for the week. All districts are above normal precipitation for the growing season.

Wheat conditions rated 5 percent poor, 21 percent fair, 62 percent good and 12 percent excellent, equaling the 74 percent good or excellent of last year but well above the 51 percent average. 

Wheat headed was at 86 percent, behind last year’s 92 and the 94 average. 

Wheat turning color was 14 percent complete, same as last year’s 14 but six days behind the 31 percent average.

Producers described the overall wheat crop as good to excellent. 

Producers expect a late harvest starting around July 10 in the south and July 20 in the north. 

The large amount of moisture in past weeks has also led to rust, tan spot and other diseases being sighted across the state. These may affect crop yields in the southwest Panhandle, but most producers do not foresee excess damage from disease.