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Local elections are important PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

In light of the rapid expansion of government control, and in order to protect our way of life, get involved in local elections.

The officials we elect will be the ones who will determine whether we let federal mandates impose on our daily lives or say, “No, thank you. We can do a better job.”

Before you vote, ask yourself and the candidates some questions. i.e.: Do I/you need more regulation from Washington or Lincoln? Do I need more government oversight, committees, etc.? Do I want more regulations in order for someone to justify a position? Do we have the ability to self-govern? Do we decide the course? 

When it’s time to vote be sure your questions have an answer. Vote for that person.

What does almost 10 percent unemployment, a new healthcare bill, cap and trade, and their higher taxes have to do with Perkins County? If that question bothers you, it should. If you’ve never thought about it, you need to. Our county seems very protected from the bureaucracy back east, but these things will affect us all.

Unemployment is not that big an issue here. The federal government has already extended unemployment benefits beyond reasonable .This is designed to acclimate peoples’ dependence on government. More dependence, more taxes.

Health care. I have not read the entire bill, but I have read some of it. (Maybe more than Congress prior to voting.) The requirements for the bill are also designed to enhance government dependence by making them too difficult to meet. 

Do you want an IRS agent checking with you every month? Farming is pretty big in this county. Farming is a dangerous occupation. What if government determines that the hazards outweigh the benefits? What if your hobby is flying airplanes, racing cars, riding motorcycles, water-skiing? Don’t laugh–this bill gives them that kind of power. This leads to more taxes and probably more unemployment and possibly no more fun.

Cap and Trade: Where do we begin? This is taxation legislation to the max. What! No verifiable proof of global warming? Ok, call it climate change. In the 70s–an ice age is coming, 90s–the Earth has a fever. Yeah, climate change. Now, tax everything that has a carbon footprint. We claim we are saving the Earth. Sorry, we didn’t create it to begin with. We really shouldn’t be so arrogant.

All this to say it starts here. Local elections. Protect our county, protect our hardworking, independent way of life. The people we elect now will have to deal with it. Make sure you know where they stand.

David Jantzen