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Youth art on display at gallery during March PDF Print E-mail

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso

In celebration of Youth Art Month, Grant’s Meadowlark Gallery is displaying art by Perkins County students during the month of March.

The first two weeks will feature high school student work, the following two weeks elementary and junior high creations.

According to Perkins County High School art instructor Lance Wurst, “There are more art related jobs in our society today than ever.” Careers such as graphic design, web design, video graphics, computer-aided art and photography are figuring prominently in a technologically advancing society.

“We are fortunate that many of our students are being exposed to these creative thinking courses. Many of the careers they will end up occupying are not even in the market today,” he said.

Arts education is not only a springboard for a career in the arts, but is also beneficial to non-art related pursuits.

According to Wurst, a 2008 Art Education magazine article, “Eight Skills of the Studio Mind,” described eight areas that can foster achievement in the business world: observational skills—seeing details and analyzing things carefully; seeing imaginatively—envisioning what can be; innovation—looking at things in new and different ways; reflection and self-evaluation—looking at what was done and revising one’s efforts; persistence—working through to the end; experimentation—learning from mistakes and not being afraid to make mistakes; expression of self—a unique and personal approach to a situation or problem; and connecting to the world—making connections to one’s life experiences.

“A book by Daniel H. Pink, ‘A Whole New Mind,’ explores the importance of both hemispheres of the brain, the creative, intuitive side, and the factual rigid side working together in a whole new approach to life,” said Wurst. “Interestingly enough, our faculty read an excerpt from it as we started on our curriculum work for the school district.”

Come and see what the kids in Perkins County are up to in their art classes. Meadowlark Gallery is open from 6-8 p.m. Friday and Saturday evenings. 

Also, check out the arts council’s website at for past shows and a schedule of shows in 2010.