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Most people in this community know who I am because I grew up here. A plus to marrying someone who is from a neighboring community is that you get to meet all kinds of new people who live close by as well.  

Marrying my husband, Jason, is how I stumbled upon the wonderful opportunity to meet the amazing Ms. Rebecca McCormick.

For all of you who have not been blessed with the opportunity to spend time with Rebecca, you should know that she loves to share great facts about her “culture” with the people she knows. 

So, as I get my hair and nails done, I get to hear countless stories about my husband and his wild childhood ways growing up spending time at Mama Becca’s house.  Then I return home to hear stories about why so much time was spent there. It was not only for her fun demeanor and hilarious personality, but for the good home cookin’.

A month or so ago, I was informed that Rebecca was making her famous homemade tortillas and tamales, and I needed to come and get my husband some REAL food. 

Now, I feed my husband a home cooked dinner nearly every night, and trust me, he has never gone hungry. However, I am not a big Mexican food fan. So, I would agree that he would be thrilled to get this meal that I always have heard so much about, but haven’t the slightest idea how to prepare. 

I jumped in my car and drove across town to see what I have been missing all these years.  Rebecca sat me down and made me eat her food! I had never tasted, nor planned on tasting a tamale in my life, but you can’t say no to Rebecca. 

To my surprise, after the flames stopped pouring from my mouth when I spoke and several glasses of water later, it was delicious! As I left she prepared me a doggy bag to take home to my husband as a nice surprise– and surprised he was.

I called Jason and told him Rebecca made him lunch and it was still warm, so hurry home.  Now, let me remind you that I cook a meal basically  every night, and a good meal, that is always eaten and always appreciated. 

Jason bolted through the house about five minutes later, loading his plate and sitting down with his coveralls still on.  I have to say I have never seen him that excited about, well, really anything. So,  I have come to  know why Mama Becca’s house was the place to be! 

At my husband’s request, I am going to add to my pantry and learn from the best, Rebecca McCormick, in home style Mexican food.  I would highly recommend that you try it too, as she has been gracious enough to share her famous recipe with us! Yummy!



Rebecca’s Famous Tamales


5 dozen corn husks

1 large pork rump roast

1 medium onion, chopped

Cumin, garlic, chili powder, salt and pepper to taste

Masa Harina Cornmeal Mix~found at most stores

1 cup lard

Cook pork roast in crock pot with water overnight, until it falls apart. Place in a bowl and add chopped onion and seasonings to taste.

Soak corn husks in water and weight them down. Boil them until soft and pliable.

In a separate bowl, use 4-6 cups of Masa Harina Cornmeal Mix. Add the pork juice from the roast. Add seasonings for taste and color. Add lard. Work together until mix comes off of your fingers and holds together well.

Sit at the table and relax with corn husks in front of you. One at a time, spread cornmeal mixture on husk. Add 1 teaspoon of meat lengthwise on top of cornmeal. Roll and fold over the end of the husk. Stand tamales folded end down in a stock pot. Add about 2 cups of water. Cover and simmer for 45 minutes. Let cool, unwrap and enjoy!